Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

On this day you will feel very vital and strong. That will help you solve different pending that you have at work. Where you have to apply that energy is in resolving pending issues with your partner. There is a friend who may be going through a situation where he needs someone to listen to him.

It is a very good day in a personal matter, but you have to be very careful when generating resources and at work, since there are issues that require your attention and dedication. The home has a lot of energy as the Sun is transiting in that house so you may be considering renovating something where you live.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

During this day there is a good opportunity to connect with your partner in an intimate way. It is important to give yourself those breaks to charge your emotional batteries and although it is possible that these days there have been some disagreements, today’s energy is very lucky for there to be contact and everything is fixed. I recommend that you extend your hand first and seek reunion.

You will want to “levitate” your neurons a little and exile yourself for a moment from this chaotic world. Things are a bit hectic right now and you’ll want to take some time to clear your mind and meditate. A good walk can also allow you to evacuate your negative thoughts and recharge your batteries thanks to the pleasant tickling of the senses that nature offers you!

Today dear, it’s a bit like being in another world. The people are welcoming and even considerate, you have confidence in the future… In other words, you are waiting for the alarm clock to ring to get out of this fabulous dream! But no, it’s you there in reality… So take advantage of this day, it will probably restore your morale!

They have been a bit complicated days in this area, Venus your ruler is in a sign where she does not have much strength so this affects your desire since it puts many doubts and questions in your head. Now yes, to put it with an example, you were one of those who jumped into the pool without noticing that it had water and now you are even checking the temperature before going down the stairs. Today Venus is conjunct the Part of Fortune and this relaxes you in these matters, so take the opportunity to enjoy yourself without so much worry.

Today you will be, in a way, fireproof. Your emotions and all your sensitivity will be put to the test, you will then be able to test if you manage to control them well! It’s a bit like doing a “fire” drill in your company: when the fire approaches, will you throw yourself out of the window, have a fit of hysteria, or take refuge in the arms of the first young firefighter come? It’s up to you to draw the consequences for the future!

The ruler of the house of sickness is the same as that of your Sun sign, Venus. Usually the beneficial planets try to protect you from their diseases as much as possible. On this day the position of Venus with Fortune favors both parts of your life, so in general today you will feel very well and without serious health problems. This is a blessing that you have to know how to take advantage of without abusing it.

You may feel more nervous and tense than usual today. You find it difficult to communicate and have a positive relationship with those around you. Don’t worry, you owe this state to planetary energies. Try relaxing by taking a walk alone, or tackling some journal writing. Contemplative and slow activities would allow you to spend the day better!

There remains a tension at work that is going to be difficult to resolve right away. You have to be patient and maintain the strength of progress by doing what is asked of you on a day-to-day basis. If you notice that something is wrong, you have to correct it immediately since the boss is not in the mood to be asked whether or not you should do it. Be careful and consider that if you are supposed to already know what needs to be done, you don’t need to ask about it.

Not a shadow of a cloud on the horizon! Everything seems to be going well. It’s almost too good to be true. Well the bad news is that! It is indeed too beautiful. Both at work and in your relationships with some of your loved ones, there are false situations. Don’t be satisfied with appearances and ask yourself the right questions about the points that seem dubious to you

Money and Luck
The flow of money continues to favor you, although you have to be careful with expenses that are not seen. Since Mercury, the ruler of this house is overshadowed by the Sun in a weakness known as “combustion”. You are in one of those situations in which it is difficult to have control of all the income and at the end of the month you can ask yourself where the money went since the same way it came in, it was used.

Offer your services to the people you love. The generosity with which you will provide your wise advice will delight everyone. At first, you will have the impression of some confusion, but you will see that your clairvoyance and your sense of analysis will quickly dispel misunderstandings. You will surprise yourself with your natural sociability and ease. Reach out to others and encourage them to confide in you.

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