Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 7th June 2022

The overall mood of the day should align with your schedule! There is no need to focus on the negative. Keep things clear and hold the bar high. Worry about the consequences later. You must embark on an adventure today and explore unknown lands. Don’t let anyone explain to you the whys and wherefores of your actions. Fully express your strength of character.

You will tend to take yourself for Zorro today! The planetary conjuncture of the day makes you audacious and incisive in your remarks, whereas you are rather the type to avoid conflicts as a rule. You will fly to the rescue of a person during the day: the charming young lady who cannot carry her shopping, your concierge who is annoyed by thugs, or Bernard who always pays the price for the jokes of the whole office. !

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Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

In matters of the heart, you are more adept at a stable and reassuring relationship. Unfortunately, events sometimes cause this easy way of life to come up against certain hitches… You may be suffering from slight dysfunctions within your relationship at the moment. Only a little time and goodwill on both sides will be able to restore order in all this. Also, know how to talk about it openly between the two of you.

You will be someone’s teacher today. You may find yourself in a work situation where you need to guide a colleague or an intern. Your experience tells you more. Share it! You could also help out a friend who is blocked by his computer system… Help people who need it.

Follow your instincts, Taurus! Listen to your sixth sense! You are sometimes not attentive enough to this little inner voice which nevertheless gives you very good ideas! You certainly don’t trust him enough. You would benefit from relying on this aspect of yourself to embark on new projects. You might surprise more than one, yourself included!

Your day will be subject to the very strong vagaries of your emotional character. You might scare yourself into nothing, and react accordingly, like a beast at bay, in a somewhat vertical way. Calm down, catch your breath, and let this magnetic storm leave your astral sky. Once serenity is restored, you can then resume the more serene course of your activities.

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