Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 15th May 2019

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 15th May 2019

Face your fears and tell that person you are interested in what you are thinking about the relationship you live with. If you do not feel completely right by your side express yourself so that both can reach stable love commitments. Take things as they really are, and you will be much better.

Perhaps an involuntary delay could force you to stay longer in your workplace. Prepare mentally and you will not feel frustrated or upset when this happens. A surprise invitation will greatly admire you during this birthday cycle in which you have Uranus in your sign.taurus daily horoscope today wednesday 15th may 2019

If you once lived a stormy relationship and now you’re free again, do not run into entanglement with someone who could relive that unfortunate situation. Freedom is something very precious and love does not have to chain anyone or anything.

The cosmic vibrations of this day will help you a lot to recover your health if you suffer from nervous discomfort or migraines and headaches, or from disorders associated with blood pressure as it usually happens in this current zodiacal cycle.

Your vibrant sign is well supported, but you must act with more social tact and avoid useless arguments with people at your job that waste your time. This way you can perform your work without major complications.

Money and Luck
Do not waste the money that is now coming to you because within a few days you will have an excellent investment opportunity and if you now get into debt later you will not be able to face that business latent in your future astrological horizon.

Level of love energy this Wednesday: intense, with the transit of Uranus towards your sign.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: the movement of the planet of creativity and the new moon in your sign that will inspire you greatly.

Dangerous trend of today’s Wednesday in your sign Taurus: let you be discouraged by people who never achieve anything in their lives.
What should I avoid ?: decisions based on emotional impulses and little thought.

The best relationship today: this Wednesday is a good day for you with the signs of water, like Cancer and your opposite Scorpio, due to the transit of the Moon by it, also with Libra and Aries because of the planetary movement related to these signs .
The most tense relationship: it could happen with someone from Leo (fire element).

Your current compatibility: it is good with all the signs in general although better with water and earth, it is also very good with Libra, even if it is air, because both the same regent, the planet Venus, share.

If you are single: always associate with positive and happy people because joy and positivism are contagious.

By Mary Emma

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