Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th February 2021

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th February 2021

Your ruler Venus, on fire, today combines her energy with the transit of the Moon and Mars. This astral movement causes dissimilar effects within your love and social life. If you are thinking of a person who recently broke into your sentimental horizon, a romance or a very deep friendship may arise between the two of you. If you are living a good love relationship, this will be a night to remember as a very special time. There is also a prosperous wave in your financial area that will help you recover your investments in a shorter time than you thought. There is also a prosperous wave in your financial area that will help you recover your investments in a shorter time than you thought.

Today is a good day for relaxation and fun. Forget about housework, your house is not going to fall apart because you don’t do it today. Gather the kids and go spend the afternoon at the movies or the park. It must be a day full of cotton flakes and popcorn! You haven’t had a spontaneous day like this with your loved ones in a long time. Enjoy the wonderful memories you are creating!taurus daily horoscope 17th february 2021

Do not rush to break a relationship or start another right now and wait a couple of days until the current concerns pass so that you can make better sentimental decisions since starting this week with the retrograde impact of Mercury you have to be somewhat deconcentrated.

Your chafouin air does not fool anyone. Caught in Uranus’ nets, you feed cravings for independence and you are ready to do anything – including lying – to win it back. Single, you are happy to be able to indulge in flitting without feeling guilty. For you, now is not the time for commitment, you observe couples with a haughtiness tinged with contempt. Ah, you are not ready to be trapped! A meeting with a Cancer could however change the situation.

Today, you may be faced with situations that require some tact. The energy of the day will make it easy to be impulsive, doing or saying things that are imaginative but perhaps not smart. Try to focus on the essentials. However, at home, you will have more space to unfold your game. You could share a nice night with your partner if you both want to break free from ties and try something different.

The effective and positive action of your ruler, Venus, in your health area energizes your body and mind, and you feel charged with positivism. This feeling will favor your recovery if you are suffering from some type of temporary illness or discomfort or you had anxiety apprehensions.

You may think that much of your life is simply boring and that is why no one cares about you. Don’t fall into a pit of self-pity where you convince yourself that there really aren’t many emotions in your life and that there never will be. Think that you have the power to heal any kind of oppressed feeling that you may feel right now. Consider joining a spiritual support group where you can share your feelings openly.

You have a cute sin that is growing in importance in your life. First a little game without consequences, it is becoming more and more present in your life. Like all excess, food or otherwise, it is not without risk. Addiction awaits you, and it is a genuine danger. One fine day, you will have to banish this gesture from your existence. By focusing on your habits, you will learn to resist temptation. Do not replace a bad mania with another, even less serious, in appearance.

Venus in a dynamic transit and Mars in conjunction with the Moon. The stars impel you to immediate change. It’s time to start transforming your work strategy. What has worked for you until now has become obsolete and if you want to advance in your career, you must totally renew your work style.

It will be difficult for you today to convince someone. No matter how deep your convictions are and how convincing your arguments, the other person is not ready to embrace those ideas. Don’t be pushy, give it a few days to absorb it. The person may want to take a closer look at the proposal or seek information. Be patient and in the meantime, focus on other things!

Money and Luck
Money flows around you. A trip or invitation that arises at the right time will help you increase your income and will place you in a highly advantageous situation in your projects. Trust your intuitions now that you have the vibration of five, subtle, refined. Taurus Luck Today

You were always good at finding a way for groups to interact better. You are a born leader and peacemaker. This side of you lends itself to being a director of some kind. Today you can realize that you want to get more involved to lead others. This is a true talent and a natural gift, so don’t ignore this urge. Not everyone can handle themselves as well as you can in front of a group.

“It is the fate of men who force themselves to the limit that a day comes when nature explodes,” wrote Montherlant in the Dead Queen. This quote should inspire you because after many compromises you are at the end of your patience. You who have been dealing with each one for months, you who have held back all the bad thoughts that inhabited you are simply about to explode. You have to learn to say things on time and not to store up such anger. You will feel lighter!

Family and Friends
It’s a good time to spend time with your family. Take advantage of this favorable climate to plan an outing to the cinema or the city. If you have to tighten your belt, organize a warm event at home. For example, you can organize dinner in front of a good movie. One way or another, bring your loved ones together for a moment of conviviality. This will be the perfect opportunity to take an interest in each other’s circumstances, advise the children, and laugh with your partner.

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