Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 20th July 2022

You will manifest great intellectual concerns thanks to the influences of the Sun in the 3rd house, so prolonged study habits will be common, since you will have a great need to be learning new knowledge, you will feel that you always have things to learn. You will manifest great sensitivity in your environment and you will be able to perceive what people feel, including strangers, thanks to a psychic vision that gives you the energy of the Moon in the 8th house.

You could be undergoing a spiritual transformation and you will feel more fulfilled as you go through this transformation. Libra from your house 7 connecting tells us that the treatment and communication that you will be having with your partner or that person you want to be will become very romantic and close, you will share a lot throughout the day and a strong emotional bond will be created between you.

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Double check all your messages today. Someone will try to reach you with great difficulty and it would be a shame if you did not talk to each other. This mysterious person will carry important information for the immediate future or for later. Don’t ignore what she tells you, even if its relevance isn’t immediately apparent. Keep all this preciously in a corner of your head.

It is not impossible that you are currently affected by some upheavals in your emotional surroundings. You may be asked to play a different role or take a different place than you normally do. Today, you might take some time to turn those questions over in your mind. Answers will be needed for the next few months.

Those of you who have had concerns about a child will be able to take comfort in seeing that everything is back to normal. It is even possible that this time one of your children will achieve significant success thanks to the protective action of Jupiter.

In this area of your life you must develop your emotional independence, because, although it is beautiful to feel the support of your partner, it is important that you first build your independence and a strong identity, this will allow you to face the difficulties of life with security, strength and courage.

Love, more love, always love! One would think, watching you live for two weeks, that you are really bitten at the moment! And it is very likely that you are indeed deliciously immersed in a bubble of emotions and sensations that draw their vigor from a renewed passion. Let yourself be carried away by this wave of carelessness without asking yourself any questions. The answers will come in on their own as the day progresses.

For most couples, life promises to be pleasant, marked by a beautiful bond. However, Pluto in unfavorable aspect can make you more nervous and lead to small arguments related to daily life. But you will have enough humor not to dramatize anything. A certain recklessness can harm single people, who indulge in exaggerated spending for the object of their love. Likewise, they risk making ill-considered promises, promises that they will not be able to keep and will put them in the most uncomfortable situation.

The influence of Libra in the house of health can manifest some vascular problems, so it is important that you carry out some activity or exercise that allows the movement of the body, to prevent circulatory problems, such as varicose veins or swelling in the legs.

There should be a calming and warm atmosphere around you. Today not only will you feel calm and relaxed, but you will also bring this serenity to others. And even if you won’t realize it, your simple presence and your calm attitude will have virtues that will relax everyone around you. It’s a restful day for all ahead.

If you’ve been on edge, you’ll see a marked improvement today as Uranus forms an exceptionally harmonic aspect. You will have a lot of tone and stamina. To maintain this dazzling form as long as possible, consider purifying your blood.

The presence of the sign of Libra will facilitate a diplomatic, generous and prudent personality in your work environment, which will facilitate personal relationships in this environment, contributing to your productivity. Today you are going to make an effort to get along better with one particular person.

You are in a situation at the office that requires you to work with her. You have had differences in the past, you have opposing personalities and ways of working, of course. But these difficulties can be overcome! With a bit of goodwill, you’ll find that your differences complement each other and can bring you additional wealth for each other.

New solutions may become available to you during this period. You would be wrong to refuse them out of discouragement or disillusionment; take at least all the time you need to think, to weigh the pros and cons, before you decide. Good understanding in the workplace.

Money and Luck
The influences of the sign of Gemini in the 2nd house provide you with a significant benefit in the financial area, especially in works of an intellectual nature. The aspects of the day are likely to tell you a lot about you. For some time now, the cycle of the planets has highlighted your communication skills. Are you more precise in your language, do you really master what you say? Or are you still afraid to express your opinion?

Anything that has created a bad image of yourself on this subject can be swept away today. You will have more money luck today than usual. A chance re-entry is likely. But that’s no reason to rush to spend that amount; put it in your savings account.

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