Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 31st July 2019

This will be a meaningful Wednesday for you, Taurus. What is now being presented to you in love, take it as a gift that gives you life and to which you have the right to enjoy fully, do not let anyone try to control your emotions or manipulate your feelings.

If you are notified of a new job or the possibility of promotion within your company, do not hesitate and accept that new responsibility, but take it as a challenge, a motivation to study and prepare more. You are in a creative cycle where money reaches your hands from different paths and paths.

If you have been doubting whether or not you should declare your love to those who bring you thinking night and day, do so directly and without reservation, but choose your words now that Mercury is retrograde. You have the persistence of your Taurus sign, of the earth element, which always helps you out of unforeseen situations.

Do not load your head with negative ideas. Remember that most diseases begin in the mind. Depose sad thoughts and don’t be impressed by hypochondriac comments that make you feel symptoms that you really don’t have.

Use your head, common sense, and intuition. Labor options will be presented that you should carefully consider as there are possibilities for a salary increase or a very positive change in your work to improve your situation and your responsibility in your company.

Money and Luck
Make your actions more flexible. Do not insist on continuing in business if you are not getting the expected results. A change is all you need to increase your current financial situation, and that moment has already arrived.


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