Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Today there is a complicated aspect between the Moon and Pluto and it affects you in the houses related to travel. If you get to travel today, we recommend a lot of patience since there may be difficulties with “the small print” of the ticket contracts. Be firm and do not give up on what you want.

There is a lot of energy of movement and change in your chart today making it a great day to plan a quick getaway out of town. Just be prepared because there may be details that need to be resolved to enjoy the outing.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednes...
Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Give yourself the permission to connect with nature and get out of the routine of work and its demands. Let’s understand that you continue to comply and that makes your boss happy, even if he doesn’t want to show it. Only you also have to consider your time and periods to relax as part of your well-being at work.

Things with your partner have been a bit cold, each keeping their distance and licking his wounds. But on this day you could reconnect with your significant other. Ask him out, look for something that changes the landscape around him and that will be very positive for the relationship. There may be difficulties on a trip and yet it is a good idea to go out, don’t worry, the difficulty will be resolved and you will be able to enjoy the trip a lot.

Today you have the Part of Fortune in the house of love, so it is a day that can be considered lucky in these matters. Venus is receiving a beautiful sextile from the Moon which favors intimacy and connection with the other. So she takes advantage of the energy of the day and go out and have fun. Or just stay home and watch movies. But she seeks contact with the other since it is a day with a good energy for it.

Your 6th house is ruled by Venus. This planet really enjoys sweets and sugary food so it’s easy to get into trouble with it if you’re not careful. We all like cakes, but maybe you could better buy fruits instead? Your body will appreciate it and you will feel better if you try to control your impulses. On the other hand, Libra rules the kidneys, so she tries to drink enough water on this day.

At work things have been very demanding and you continue to give the results they ask for, you are the most stable and patient sign of all, so the demands do not affect you like the others. Only you also get tired so it would be good to start thinking about a quick getaway out of all this.

Money and Luck
Finances are fine, although you have to pay attention to the small details as there may be some unexpected expenses that you did not plan to make. Mercury is coming out of combustion with the Sun so it will soon be clear where the detail was. Just try not to commit to something important on this day.

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