Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Due to the direct action of your Regent Venus this day of the lunar transit to the water element, you begin to seriously ponder the possibility of joining in marriage to another person, or at least try to live in common, as a couple. You are well supported and you must continue with your projects.

An important day to make sentimental decisions, but do not let yourself be guided by negative impulses but give place to all the love that is in your heart. So you can achieve favorable results in your relationship.taurus daily horoscope today wednesday 3rd july 2019

Things do not always go according to our desires, and in love this is quite common. If you have put your eyes on someone wrong you will know it at the right time, but meanwhile enjoy what you have now and enjoy life.

Improve your ailments associated with the back and spine, but do not make the mistake of putting yourself in the hands of inexperienced masseurs or practitioners because a bad gesture, or a pressure in the wrong place can cause you harm.

There are sudden interruptions which could prevent you from finishing a job on time on Wednesday if you are very busy. If so, do not torment yourself. Give your best and leave the solution pending for when you return to your job.

Money and Luck
The money comes to you gradually. Plan your economy so that you do not get involved in compromising situations with your banks and creditors. Do not incur new debts but rather try to leave gradually updating.