Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 7th February 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 7th February 2018

A pending work situation is solved and you manage to get out of a legal suit in your work. Take full advantage of this stage in which you have your regent, Venus, direct, and a good planetary influence because then things get complicated.

The misunderstandings are clarified and you will be enjoying a climate of cordiality and collaboration around you that will be contagious, there is a tone of optimism in your environment.taurus daily horoscope wednesday 7th february 2018

Communication channels that were closed are opened, but beware, Taurus, with retrograde Jupiter, you must measure well the range of your words!

You are fresh, with a positive wave, what you most needed to forget something that was bothering you, leave aside doubts and recriminations and propose to be so happy that nothing and nobody are able to hinder your happiness.

The regenerative processes associated with your skin, wounds, scarring and operations are very well supported.

This Tuesday you feel recovered from your past ailments and face this current weekend with improvement and health.

Now it is not convenient to leave fixed jobs or dare to do something that could complicate your life too much. Do not abandon a job but rather try to strengthen your position in it.

Money and Luck
You have many projects in mind, but to be able to carry them out successfully requires concentration, something that you know how to use very well, but to touch it with more optimism and confidence in yourself.

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