Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 9th October 2019

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 9th October 2019

This day and night of the moon impose your Taurus action, your decision, and persistence. Put your resources to work because at this time there will be job offers and extra money related to activities outside your home that will give you the opportunity to increase your income.

If you don’t have a job you will get it. This is an exciting Wednesday in which you will have in your hand’s many opportunities to recover something that you considered lost. However, as your ruler, Venus is retrograde in Scorpio, you must measure your expressions, be careful with your words, you could hurt those you love even without trying.taurus daily horoscope 9th october 2019

It is often said that when we are very happy we must be careful when faced with envious people. Venus, your ruler, is retrograde, Taurus, and someone who is bothered by your happiness can approach you with absurd ideas or negative comments associated with your life as a couple. Make deaf ears to those comments.

These days some hypochondriacal people will approach you that if you listen to them they could suggest to you. Check your premonitions and concerns well and you will see that in many cases you have let yourself be suggested by those who are full of regrets and problems.

Listen to your hunch, you will not regret it. If you have chosen an option and it seems good, follow it. Do not turn away from it or get distracted. Follow your intuitions and you will see that very soon you achieve the success to which you are a creditor.

Money and Luck
This phase of the moon will represent new dawn within your economic reality, especially if in these past weeks you have suffered some loss of money due to an unexpected expense that arose at the last minute. Taurus Luck Today