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A Taurus is patient, persistent, determined and reliable. A Taurus loves to feel safe, has a good heart and is very affectionate. They like stability, natural things, pleasure, and comfort. Taurus enjoy time to reflect and love being attracted to someone.

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General Characteristics of Taurus

The general characteristics of Taurus define people born between April 21 and May 20, its ruling planet is Venus and its element is the earth; Has as its main metal the copper and its colors are green and turquoise, it is represented by the bull and its precious stone is emerald, its lucky numbers are 2 and 5 and its day of greatest fortune is Friday, With these general characteristics of Taurus, you can outline a behavioral profile having as principle the nature of the sign and the planet Venus as regent of Taurus.taurus daily horoscope

Your behavior. The general characteristics of Taurus in front of their behavior, are based on the tranquility and serenity, are people who are considered imperturbable in most cases, and who know how to handle every situation that presents themselves with the calmness it deserves, are patients And have the ability to sit and wait for their time to act, without losing their sanity.

When a Taurus is disturbed, you must run, are not at all friendly and are able to step over and stomp on your strong legs if you make them angry or if you get close to someone, can easily destroy any person or obstacle if they consider it necessary, Either to defend themselves or to achieve a proposed goal.

They are stubborn and persistent people, so when a Taurus gets an idea in the head, there is nothing and no one can take it out until they find the way to get it, it is important that you know the best thing you can do when A Taurus is determined to get something is to support it, because to go against him will be to face a furious bull that will not have problem in jumping on you and to continue running until it arrives at the destiny traced by the same one.

They are very loving and extremely homey, like their surroundings and adapt it to be more at ease, so a Taurus can make a whole space completely modified to find the perfect spot in which they maintain their tranquility and stability.

Regent planet. The planet Venus, gives some of the general characteristics of Taurus to each person with the mark of the bull at birth, these characteristics are based mainly on the ability to love, generates in the bulls a lot of deep and very strong feelings, as well As the search for the harmony of spaces and people.

They are people who usually enjoy and need the company of their loved ones, to have loved ones close to them and to build them a friendly environment and to finish by completing the sentimental circles that never close until the people are together, So that when they are alone they feel that there is something they lack, so that their environment is appropriate to their tastes and needs, These are some general characteristics of Taurus, which may help to understand some of his actions and ways of reaching people.

Taurus can be jealous and possessive and has a tendency to be inflexible and resentful. Sometimes the Taurus tend to be greedy and to allow it all. They do not like interruptions or rush. Neither do they like synthetic or false things? They do not like to feel pressured and cannot stand being too long at home.

Taurus Overview

A Taurus is usually practical, determined and have a strong will. The Taurus is stable and conservative people and will follow in a loyal way a leader in whom they have confidence. They love peace and quiet and are very respectful of laws and rules. They respect material values and avoid debts. They are a bit reluctant to change.

They are more practical than intellectuals, and as they like continuity and routine, they are usually fixed ideas. Taurus is prudent, stable and has a great sense of justice. They do not usually sink to the difficulties but go on until they leave.

Sometimes the Taurus can be too rigid, argumentative, egocentric and stubborn.

Taurus like beautiful things and are usually fond of art and music. Some Taurus have an unconventional and very strong religious faith. They love the pleasures of life, luxury, and good food and drink. In fact, the Taurus must strive not to be carried away by the temptation to over-satisfy these tastes.

Taurus in love and personal relationships

Taurus are faithful and generous friends. They have a great capacity for being affectionate although they rarely make friends with people outside of their social environment. They avoid conflicts and dislikes and prefer good humor and stability. However, if they lose their nerves they are able to have a genius so furious that it surprises them all.

Taurus is sensual but practical, and in this sense, they are faithful and considerate partners. They are good parents and do not exist too much of their partner nor of their children. They have enough love of their own and tend to be possessive but if their partner tries to make peace and understand them, they make an effort to forget their anger.

At work, the Taurus are workers and do not drop the rings with any type of manual work. They are reliable, practical, methodical and ambitious. They take authority over others and do more in routine positions of trust and responsibility.

They are creative and enterprising. They can succeed in professions such as banking, architecture, construction, administration, agriculture, medicine, chemistry, and industry.

They also triumph over education, arts, and cooking. They can be excellent musicians and artists.