Taurus Date of Births and Personality Traits Horoscope

How is Taurus zodiacal sign by Date of Birth April 21 to May 21

Taurus sign of the zodiac we can define it as a persistent and determined person, honoring the symbolism that represents that it is none other than that of a bull.

Taurus is a sign of earth, the second sign of the zodiac and characterized by its perseverance and sensuality. It is associated with material goods. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules the Taurus and makes you a very affectionate and faithful person. Most Taurus have good character and show an enormous capacity for affection, as well as a great taste for beauty and art.taurus birth dates and traits

It has a great interior and is quite affectionate. He likes the little pleasures of his life, always looking for his inner comfort. Those born under the sign of Taurus are very reflective.

In love he likes to have a person to love, they love people who are unreachable, they can spend a long time until they get their desired love, for many setbacks they have received at first.

How is the sign of the zodiac Taurus in Birth dates?
On the negative side, Taurus is usually quite possessive and also tremendously jealous, which can lead them to be very impulsive, even aggressive as if a bull will be dealt. They often run away from superficial things, since they like the real things of life.

One of the strengths of this sign of the zodiac, is that they have a tremendous will and usually do not usually give up easily when it comes to getting their projects.

Tauros do not like experiments, they are usually conservative and like to have models or referents to follow. They usually respect quite the established order and are usually very elusive when it comes to assuming changes or revolutions.

They are not characterized by being very intellectual people, they like to be pragmatic. One of their handicaps is that they are fixed ideas, and as we have said it is very difficult to change.

On the other hand, they often deal very well with problems or difficulties, thanks to their tenacity and willpower.

Taurus zodiac sign and relationships
Taurus are good lovers and they love personal relationships, they usually make good friends, and they value giving affection before they enter into conflict. They do not usually get angry, but if they do, their anger is very tremendous, honoring the bull that represents them in their symbol.

They tend to be faithful couples and also sensual, but as we have said can become tremendously possessive, becoming sickly jealous. Something that can happen to them when they are parents, being tremendously protective and controlling.

How is Taurus in the profession?
With regard to work are usually quite active, and are usually an example of good performance, being tremendously effective and productive. They may have leadership skills but perform better in intermediate positions or as trusted advisers.

The Taurus like the little pleasures of life, like a good meal, something that must be taken care of as easily carried away to unnecessary excesses.

Taurus zodiac sign usually have good health, you should take care of exercise and especially in the emotional arena, as you may have uncontrolled anger attacks, which if they are very persistent can affect your health.

Not all Taurus, but some tend to have a very great creativity in the field of arts.

Dates: between April 20 to May 20
Strengths: resilience, prudence and solidity
Qualities: wisdom and fidelity
Earth element
Colors: green
Metals: copper
Defects: laziness and stubbornness
Stones: Emerald and Aquamarine
Regent Planet: Venus
Body part: neck, nape, vocal cords

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