Taurus Horoscope Friday 26th July 2019

this is a Friday that predicts many new situations, especially where you are employed. Your coworkers recognize your effort.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Friday 26th July 2019

Do you have work? So this is a Friday that predicts many new situations, especially where you are employed. Your coworkers recognize your effort. A social event or a humanitarian activity in your job will cause you a lot of joy and at the same time will give you the opportunity to show other talents that until now were unknown to others.

In love, there will be an unexpected gift, an invitation that will take you by surprise, but that will cause you much joy and satisfaction. Lean on your experiences, but do not forget your intuitions and hunches that now more than ever you need much attention.

Begin a happy stage in which many dreams materialize and your deepest desires find expression. Declare your feelings and express yourself with tenderness, you will achieve much. If you are single, a beautiful adventure is coming that will clarify next August with a sensitive and romantic aura.

Not easy to argue with the person who shares his life. We often have the impression that the Earth is slipping beneath our feet as anxiety is reaching new heights. Take the time to ask yourself and think about the situation. Hear distinctly the arguments of the other without denigrating yours. In a couple, listening is essential to be able to move forward calmly without any conflict. Single, too, listen, Venus will send you a signal soon.

There is a planetary environment of improvement around you and you feel much more relieved of your disorders. Look forward to a very positive day in that important aspect of your life because health is the greatest treasure we can have.

Do not be torn apart by this virus while staying locked in your home doing nothing. Take the opportunity to relax. Do not compromise on the things that make you happy. For example, seizing the opportunity to perform activities until then unpublished (yoga) or others you were not used to (reading). This catching-up of time will give you back your spirits. In a short time, you will see all the existing benefits to listen to and respect his desires.

Reflect before saying “no” because at this stage you should not act lightly. Even if you don’t like it at all, you should enter the social game a little more into your work and accept invitations. An isolated and too private attitude could be taken badly and cause labor difficulties with your colleagues.

You will be tempted to let yourself go to an inconsiderate expense, favored by the position of Mercury in your Heaven which encourages you to give free rein to your desires. Try not to get overwhelmed by your emotions and resist the temptation. The time is rather for the prudent management of your budget and this unexpected outflow of money could put you in a particularly uncomfortable situation. Know how to moderate your spending urges and think twice before making expensive purchases.

Money and Luck

You move within a cycle that requires caution because the money arrives, but not quickly and if you do not save it as you receive it you could end up with much less than expected. It is time to control waste and buy what is necessary. Numbers of luck are 3, 5, 6, 17.

Family and Friends
The conjunction of Mars and Mercury promises a lot of movement. Whether with family or friends, let yourself be carried by this dynamic and do not refuse the outings that we offer. It’s always time to create memories! In addition, you will be very sensitive to the energy worn all day by your friends or colleagues. However, be careful not to let yourself be overwhelmed, the backlash may be difficult to assume. So be sure to keep a good balance between this tendency to extroversion and your inner sphere.


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