Taurus Horoscope in the Month of August 2019

The Taurus horoscope in August will be conditioned by the 2 New Moons (1 and 30) and the Full Moon of 15. The most important thing: family and money. Lucky numbers for August: 1-2-3-7-8-9-11-12-21-22-30-31.

In love, you get pretty bad. If you do not want to cut and want to stay there, try to let your partner make the decisions and adapt to it because otherwise, you will have confrontations and rupture. If you want to finish, do it this month because it will be very easy. The last week the relationship improves.

Social Life
You will make a lot of social life, but you will get carried away by others. You will not be the leader, who decides where to go, if not they will invite you, they will propose you and if you are ready, you will let yourself go. You will realize that adapting to people and situations, you will get more benefit than if you try to impose your will. Your innate people’s gift will show you the way forward.

At work, there will be no changes and it will be a very weak month. You can concentrate on other topics because for you going to work will become a mere routine. You could take advantage of this work stop, to do a visualization job and imagine how you would like it to be, that it was your job and there will be changes or improvements or opportunities that you want.

The money will be good for you, better than last month. Start entering money and you will not be missing. Your intuition will be good at finances and in the Game. If you get to have the intuition or if you dream of a specific number, write it down just wake up, so as not to forget it and buy it or play it somehow. The day 28-29-30-31 is a good morning for you to touch. The money will come to you through or thanks to your family.

August will be a quiet month, but your children (if you have them) will be the center of your life. If you don’t have them, your family, in general, will need you and will require your attention and advice. You will feel comfortable at home and it will be with them, with whom you will get your emotional stability.

Health will be the worst this month. You will be regular. Do not take care of yourself as you should health. You eat too much and crap and this will take your toll. It is necessary that you consider yourself seriously, eating a healthy and balanced diet and not skipping it for anything. You need to do some sport or daily exercise. You lead a life that is too sedentary and takes its toll Activate or you could fall into a depression. From the last week of the month, you will feel better. You will have premonitory dreams. You should write to them as you wake up, so as not to forget since they can serve you.

If you are a student it will be regular. In Spain you are already on summer vacation resting, so you will not have problems with studies. But if you are still in full course, August will not be a month of good grades, since studying and concentrating will cost you a lot.


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