Daily Taurus Horoscope for Today Saturday 23rd December 2017

Daily Taurus Horoscope Today Saturday 23rd December 2017

As you approach the end of the year you will feel more energetic and brisk to undertake many tasks that until today you had been procrastinating, that is, leaving them “for tomorrow”. There is a short trip with a romance or strengthening your existing relationship.

It’s time to go out, travel other places, live intensely your love life and spend more time with your partner.taurus daily horoscope 23 december 2017


Your intuition will lead you directly to the places where there are prosperity and fortune, remember that you can overcome any retrograde effluvium of Mercury with the persistence that characterizes your earth sign and now more than ever you will see it, Taurus.


Health and Fitness

Taurus Health Horoscope 23rd December 2017taurus daily health horoscope
Occupy your mind in an entertaining activity if you feel uneasy since as long as you do something constructive or creative your health, in general, will be strengthened. This final cycle of the year 2017 presents many challenges, face them with energy and decision and you will see how well you are doing, Taurus.

Love and Romance

Taurus Love 23rd December 2017taurus daily love horoscope
Today, Saturday, the Moon continues traveling through the sign of Libra but moving towards Scorpio. Mercury and Uranus are retrograde.

You have been confusing certain feelings and this can cause stupor when the reactions you expected are not exactly what you thought you were going to have.

The smartest thing, when that happens, is not to let the circumstances hit you, but rather to look at them head-on, as a challenge and a possibility to carry out your love life in general.

Work and Business

Taurus Work Today 23rd December 2017taurus daily work horoscope
In this final cycle of the year, many work challenges arise and you will have to apply yourself to your work with all your strength and enthusiasm since your attitude will depend notably on the success obtained in your daily tasks and the way you distribute your time. There are many interruptions, you should prioritize what is really important to you.

Luck and Money

Taurus Money Predictions 23rd December 2017taurus daily money horoscope
Put your economic affairs in order, devote part of the day and weekend to reconcile your accounts and budgets and manage as you know since in a few days you will need what you have saved during this stage and in the month of January they will emerge different options that you should value to not complicate uselessly with what is not worth it.

Teamwork must face problems: with patience, they will be solved. If you are thinking of looking for a new job, go ahead. The influential person can arouse your interest.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 82 and 10. Color: orange.