Taurus Horoscope Thursday May 19th 2022

This day you will feel curious, because your insatiable curiosity keeps you learning new things all the time, and this often means that people consider you a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. But it’s just that you like to make sure of the issues you encounter on a day-to-day basis.

It will be impossible for you to share a piece of news that has reached you through WhatsApp, without first verifying its veracity. They are the conditions that the Sun generates for you passing through the sign of Gemini.


Transit Moon Opposition Neptune Natal causes misunderstandings between people that can lead to all kinds of strong feelings and confusing problems in life. This is one of the most challenging natal aspects that requires a high level of self-awareness and analysis to deal with.

Once you accept and reconcile your weak points, you enjoy fulfilling relationships and success in life just like anyone else. This can also be a great opportunity to grow spiritually.

You may even feel as if you are driven by a powerful invisible force to understand your partner’s inner psychology as deeply as you try to understand yourself. You may also feel that it is necessary to understand the depth of relationships in order to maintain an intimate relationship. It is the energy generated by the Moon trine to Pluto.

Friends may come and go, but family is forever. Your views on family can go beyond the clan and even extend to your in-laws. You really work to show your loved ones everything that matters to you, tell them clearly that you love them, do not assume it, hearing it clearly from your mouth will be like a hug to the soul. It is the energy of the Moon square Mercury.


In matters of love, today the Moon can drive you crazy, you may be having a bad time because its square to Neptune makes you confuse the feelings and also the signs you receive from the people you love. So you better dedicate these days to yourself and wait for this aspect to pass. Take a few days off somewhere nice.


At the moment the sign of Libra is doing its job in your house 6, so acne and all kinds of dermatological problems can prey on you, a fact that can make you a regular user of dermatology services and the purchase of cosmetics and sunscreens solar.


Libra in your 6th house loves peace and a good work environment, for now you will be the one who always carries the white flag in work conflicts. Your polite, elegant and diplomatic nature make you a very pleasant companion. Also, you always play fair and are fair.

Money and Luck

Due to the passage of Cancer in your 2nd house, it gives you a strong intuition to invest, and if you open a business, it is sure to prosper easily. And as if that were not enough when it comes to spending, you slow down a lot without becoming elbow, because from time to time you surprise those you love with some little gifts.