Taurus Horoscope Today 10th May 2022

The presence of the Sun, Uranus, and the Moon in your 1st house is going to be telling us that today you are going to be very aware of the way you feel and you are going to intensely rationalize how you express yourself and interact with your environment because the combination of these planetary energies allow you to see what was impossible for you and analyze beyond yourself what you feel; without a doubt one day you will be very thoughtful and analytical.

You are going to have a lot of expressive activity during the day and the way you do it is going to be very dynamic and effective thanks to the presence of Mars in your 3rd house in the sign of Cancer; where you also have the presence of Fortune that will allow you to express yourself affectively from a zone of security and control, being certain that your actions will have excellent results.


You are going to be very active exchanging messages or calls with the person you like since the ruler of your 7th house, Mars; in the 3rd house it will make it easier for you to start conversations and keep the communication channel active; allow trust and secrecy to manifest thanks to the energy of Scorpio that flows from your 7th house and create strong and intimate ties with that person you want to be your partner, you will see that positive things arise from that.

Your mystical and spiritual friends have much to offer you within these spheres, so do not dismiss the esoteric advice they are giving you as Neptune in Pisces from your 11th house will allow you to share this type of information; Even if someone offers you a Tarot reading, it will be something quite beneficial to improve your life.

You risk surprising those around you today. You may be tired of your image of a “nice” boy and you want to stand out by pushing a few rants… But think about letting off steam by partying instead! We all need from time to time to free ourselves from our inhibitions to support the weight of our laborious daily life!


The things that are going to be generating love for you today have a relationship with the material and economic, because as a good Taurus they are things that matter too much to you and having Virgo in your 5th house connecting through its ruling planet, Mercury in the house 2 in the sign of Gemini you will be feeling special sympathy for people who give you good ideas for business or to improve your economic life, who can become your partners or close friends from whom sparks of love can be born.

Why do you consider your impulses of the heart as a weakness? And why do you take refuge so often in work to escape the grip of feelings? If you haven’t yet understood that love is the result of a joint effort, prepare yourself for a sad future… Be attentive and spare the sensitivity of your partner, your children or your friends. Take the time to say “I love you”!


The advice that the sign of Libra in your 6th house gives you today regarding your health is that you invest in some medical insurance if you do not already have one; Well, Venus from the 2nd house in the sign of Gemini tells us that investing money in it can be something that will save you many problems in the future and that will allow you to keep your mind calm about that aspect and you will be able to put your mental energy in other matters.

You must expect to make additional efforts, dear… Especially in the context of your emotional relationship, you have certainly experienced moments of great intensity… but probably of the order of fusion! Although it is very pleasant, today you could wake up and realize that you need to continue building your personal life!


The house of the economy, house 2; it connects through the planet Venus with your 6th house; Therefore, there is a lot to do with how you deal with the people at work, clients or bosses, and how maintaining that harmony will allow you to keep your economy stable and balanced. keep this quality that Libra gives you and be that person that everyone in your work loves and admires.

Don’t expect a day of rest… You risk finding yourself caught up in conflicts that don’t really concern you. Will you suffer the consequences? Will you stay calm and continue your work as if nothing is happening? You who are rather in a period of “liberation”, we do not see why you would accept tensions that do not belong to you!


Your 2nd house in the sign of Gemini is enhanced by the energy of the planets Mercury and Venus; therefore, your economy will be manifesting quite well as long as you take advantage of the media to advertise yourself and do it in a refined and aesthetic way; create eye-catching and tasteful advertisements about the services or products you offer and you will see how your sales grow.

Today you will have a stronger awareness of the path you are following. Sometimes stress and the whirlwind of life make you lose sight of the goals you are pursuing… But today you will have more confidence and you will be more lucid. You will feel that you are fulfilling your destiny and that you are on your way to achieving your dreams. Advance serenely on this path, the stars of the day protect you and support you.