Taurus Horoscope Today 11th May 2022

The Sun, Uranus and the Moon in your 1st house are going to be telling us that today you are going to be very analytical in how you express yourself and what you feel, because these planetary energies together are going to revolutionize your mind and keep you very active. in this field of your being having a lot of clarity and focus on how your emotions affect you and others and how they can help you and help others.

Cancer in your 3rd house with the planet Mars on it is going to be having you with a great communicative activity, however it is possible that you are, as they say, short fuse because it is going to warm up your temperament and shorten your patience so do not get carried away for the anger and courage and better focus on saying what you want objectively and contact.


Mars in your 3rd house connects with Scorpio in your 7th house; therefore, your relationships are going to be hot and with a very intense tint within the conversations and communications that are going to be taking place, because Scorpio is a very sexual sign that always wants to manifest itself in some way, satisfying its desires and you are going to want communicate yours to your partner so the talks are going to be quite racy and you’re going to love that.

This Wednesday, May 11th, you play the indirect mediators. Beware of dubious risks of interpretation later, be clearer. You would really need to give yourself time to relax deeply, before stress takes over. You have an ideal day to make your ideas heard and test the understanding of those around you. It’s a somewhat theatrical climate that encourages presentations, claims but also authority and willpower, take advantage of it!


Virgo in your 5th house connecting through its ruling planet, Mercury in the 2nd house in the sign of Gemini is going to be telling us that what causes you pleasure and joy and where you are most creative are relationships that can generate very good and stable economic income for you. what the partners or friends who may be your investors will very possibly be people you love very much and who generate a special affection in you.

Tell yourself that telling everything to others is not a great idea. Confide instead in the chosen one of your heart, even if you do not approach all the subjects you will find a good support. Reserve pleasure beaches.

As a couple: The time is no longer to conquer but to build your couple. Multiply ambitious projects without too much delay. And if you need to laugh, take a moment to do so, your partner is waiting for that! Single: To seduce you need to feel beautiful, to take care of yourself, it gives you confidence. A meeting is likely to destabilize you, you will go against your stage fright, do not ignite too quickly.


If you want to maintain peace of mind and that this is reflected in your body, it will be necessary for you to dedicate a lot of your time to achieving an economic balance in your life, since the sign of Libra in your 6th house connects with Venus in your 2nd house in the Gemini sign.

Therefore, being able to create good business relationships will help you distribute your workload and have material solvency, which is what worries you the most and what, if it is out of balance, will very possibly cause you some illness through stress or anxiety. You’re tired of having a family on your back that doesn’t understand your tastes or your choices. You could find yourself alone strolling through an exhibition: it will do you the greatest good.


Libra in your 6th house connects with Venus in your 2nd house in the sign of Gemini, therefore it will be very beneficial for you to keep the environment within your work very harmonious and peaceful, being someone who maintains good labor relations and if there are cases of conflict that is the person who has the sanity and decency to control situations and focus people on what they should do within their daily tasks.

The sky emphasizes your professional life and puts you in an awkward position. You don’t just have allies! Fortunately, you are in search of an ideal and could achieve it. Complicity may not be far away.


Here the way you communicate is going to be everything for your economy to flow properly since your 2nd house in the sign of Gemini is going to allow you to be very capable and eloquent to advertise and inform people of your services and Mercury and Venus They are going to season all this with a strategic mind and a lot of style and refinement in the way in which you are going to be manifesting all this. It’s a winning and fanfare return that the stars predict for everything related to your finances. Your budget is rebalancing, if you plan to make purchases or change your furniture, you have carte blanche.

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