Taurus Horoscope Today 12th May 2022

The presence of the powerful star king and Uranus inside your house 1 will allow your deepest and most abstract thoughts to take on a better shape and be defined in such a way that you will be able to concretize and materialize those ideas that with all your bullfighting force With hard work you can lead to very good manifestations that reflect an improvement in your economy and health.

Take great care of the way you express yourself and communicate your emotions because Mars from your 3rd house in the sign of Cancer tells us that your emotions can boil at any moment and the pressure cooker can explode if you do not let the pressure generated inside flow properly. Because Mars in this sign is in its fall and all its negative qualities come to light more easily.


Pluto is the ruler of the sign of Scorpio and is in your 9th house in the sign of Capricorn; this indicates to us that he is in the territory of education and academic specialization; especially in subjects of the matter; where you are going to be finding that special person who connects with you because your 7th house in Scorpio connects directly with all this energy that is at your disposal and reach for you today.

Today you will meet a group of actors, musicians, and other entertainment figures, several of whom are very popular. You will make valuable contacts at social events that could serve you well in the future. You will have such a good time among the beautiful people that you will not want to go home. But don’t stay up too long. Tomorrow you will need all your energy!


You are going to enjoy sharing time with people who are very intelligent and skilled in financial matters and you will try to surround yourself today with your most skilled friends in these areas to pay close attention to these characters and thus feel calm and at peace since for you economic stability is everything; this tells us, Virgo, from your 5th house connecting with Mercury in your 2nd house in the sign of Gemini.

A crush or a co-worker could bring you an opportunity for progress today. Perhaps you decide to design or execute legal documents of great importance for the future. There is the possibility of taking a trip. In love, everything seems promising. The confidence and enthusiasm that light up your face can be extraordinarily attractive to both your partner and strangers. At night: Organize an intimate celebration!


If your finances are not in order and incorrect stability, you will begin to feel stress and anxiety and you will not stop thinking that your life is wrong in these aspects. Therefore, you could have a bad time emotionally since Libra in your 6th house asks you for balance and connection with her ruler, Venus; from your house 2, she tells us that balance must be given in your finances.

At this time you will want to be outdoors. The energy of the day is given by solar influences, so you will yearn to go out. If you can, go outside. Take a book or your lunch and go to the park. If you must stay at home or in the office, try to be near a window that lets in a lot of light. You will feel how it refreshes and recharges solar energy.


Properly manage the resources that you have at your disposal in your work and you will be very effective and practical in your work today. Working with Libra gives you a lot of equanimity and harmony when it comes to working, and by connecting with your 2nd house in the sign of Gemini through Venus, communication and management of your resources will be very well boosted by the orders you are dictating to your co-workers. or subordinates.

There could be a lot of paper-related work at home today. This can mean organizing bills or something much more stimulating like writing or drawing, or changing the wallpaper in a room. Whatever it is, you probably love doing it so much that you channel a lot of mental and physical energy into it. Take it easy and have fun!


It will be through the good use of social networks and the advertising that you can manage from there that you can effectively expose your services and products to reach more people and, with it, more income since Gemini is in your 2nd house with Mercury and Venus, will help you create attractive and well-thought-out content so that your customers take the bait and your finances grow. A friend or relative is going to propose a trip, but today you don’t even feel like going to the grocery store.

You won’t feel like talking to anyone either. Your mind is probably fixed on intellectual or metaphysical questions that are of interest to you, and you just want to stay home to read about these topics to your heart’s content. Tell your friend that the idea sounds wonderful and that you’ll talk about it later. It’s all you can do right now.

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