Taurus Horoscope Today Wednesday 29th December 2021

You would feel better than a few days ago, possibly you would have struggled to stay stable and this would be reflected in the constant effort you make to vibrate that everything has an improvement for you as it should. That is why you would live in a good time with the full moon on your side.

Everything that would mean an unnecessary expense, now it would become an improvement, possibly you would fill your environment with good prosperity and that means that you have allowed the influence of the sextile between Mercury and Neptune to have the best of its rulership in you.


Forecast of the day: you would not worry about anything from this moment, it seems that the transition from Gemini to cancer would have excessively favored you and that is why you would take advantage of the fact that everything has a better sense for you, as it has not been a long time ago.

Today you should focus on your obligations to other people. Maybe you should babysit. For a moment you are going to like taking care of your nephews. Or your wife may need help with something around the house. You can go and help repair something that is broken. You are handy with tools, so you should be able to come to the rescue.taurus daily horoscope for today friday december 29th, 2021

Love would be visualized in a much better regency for you, it seems that the full Moon would be willing to move your emotions in a better vibration than you did not have a long time ago. That is why you would establish yourself with a person of your liking.

You may find it difficult to make decisions today, especially when it comes to emotional issues. You may feel like doing something about how you feel, and that’s probably for the best, but before you act make sure your heart is speaking. Start a project that interests you. Join an association that shares your ideas and offers your expertise and passion for the topic at hand. You will soon become the leader of the group if you are not already.

You would let everything that was not put in an order at the time, now have better energy than you did not have before. That is why your digestion, would be essential to be taken care of in these times were with high probabilities, it would help you find physical balance.

At this point, you may feel like laying down on the bed. Today your energy levels may be a little low. You will feel listless and listless, which you are not at all! Virgo is generally the people who finish their tasks much earlier than others. Today you must honor this great feeling and take care of yourself. Be gentle and don’t push yourself too hard. You don’t need to have everything done today!

Money and Luck
You would have no problem discovering that life has pleasant surprises for you when you least expect it. That is why the number nine keeps your well-being, making everything seem easier, economically speaking.

You can receive the good news that will give a very positive turn to your financial situation. You could shortly receive a raise, bonus, gift, or severance, or discover an unexpected ability to earn money or both. Whatever it is, today you will focus on financial matters. Enjoy the situation!

Everything that once seemed impossible to you would now be more plausible thanks to the hard work that you have been doing for some time. Contemplate being a person who has the opportunity to vibrate high, feel that life is filling you with gratitude, so that you do not lose track of where you are going. Therefore you would have the opportunity to receive the energy of the full Moon.

Today you will get some very useful gossip. Keep your eyes and ears open! You will hear someone reveal some important news. Or you will read something in the newspaper or on the Web that will catch your attention. You will start to look at your career in a different way after absorbing this news. It could be time to shift your focus to success.