Taurus Horoscope Tuesday 17th May 2022

Sometimes you have a tendency to play the martyr. You are a hard worker and you surely pride yourself on your discipline and tenacity. But sometimes you take on too many responsibilities and allow others to take advantage. If at this moment you feel overloaded with obligations, say so! The situation will never change if all you do is suffer in silence. Talk about your concerns or ask someone to help you. And feel entitled to take a break!

At work, everything will go more slowly than usual due to a certain distraction. Feelings and events from the past that you thought had been forgotten resurface in your mind, causing you concern. It would be more convenient for you to focus on routine tasks that you can do automatically. So your production will be as efficient as ever.



Creativity, concentration, physical endurance, and energy will all be yours today. Days like this don’t happen very often, so take the opportunity to complete all those jobs you’ve been putting off. At the end of the day, you probably still have energy left, so reward yourself for such a productive day by spending time with your partner. All today’s resistance applies in the bedroom as in other tasks.


Today you will gain wisdom by analyzing the past. Perhaps you need to make an important decision. It could be accepting a new job or changing residence. You may be wondering how to choose correctly. Before deciding think about the past choices you have made. What did those adventures teach you and how would they apply to the current situation?

Money and Luck

Boredom and impatience will weigh you down all day. It makes you want to break the ties that bind you to worldly affairs and runoff in search of adventure, but you don’t know exactly what adventure! Perhaps you feel that the office and the house are suffocating you. Plan a weekend walk, the rest will come in handy.


Today can be a good day to dedicate time to yourself. Contact with others, no matter how much you love them, is probably not a good idea, as many of them may be restless and insecure. This is a good day to catch up on your reading or the Internet and to work on your own projects that you have put aside for a while. You can always get in touch with your friends tomorrow.