Taurus Horoscope in Urdu Saturday 24th February 2018

Taurus Horoscope in Urdu Saturday 24th February 2018

With Saturn and Uranus in your Heaven, you will be of exemplary fidelity. You will only have eyes for your spouse or partner. But that will not prevent some small problems from arising between you.

Single, the impact of Saturn will be pretty positive overall. But beware: Saturn will be in a conflict situation, which may make you too impulsive in love. If your heart starts beating too hard, then it would be better to take the time to think about the consequences of your actions before you start and declare your love.

You will have more luck this day. Without earning significant sums of money, you will enjoy a certain material comfort, which will free your mind.

Chances are amplified for those of the first decan: what to wear a broad smile! Satisfaction also for those whose job is related to money: bankers, stockbrokers, etc.

On the work side, the positive influence of Jupiter will allow you to quickly reap the benefits of your bold initiatives. Many of you will win a great promotion or finally get the change of service you’ve been waiting for. Your career should take a new start.

You do not like to grow old? Well, the stars will advise you to adopt a healthy lifestyle avoiding overwork, nervous fatigue, abuse of sun, tobacco and alcohol.

Take a cure of selenium to fight effectively against the cellular wear. This trace element is sold in pharmacies.

The influence of many planets in your family area suggests that one of your children may need you, especially with regard to future plans.

If this is the case, quickly contact the people involved to find the best solution to help you.taurus daily horoscope in urdu 24 february 2018

Social life
Supported by the planet Neptune, you will feel very sure of yourself, too much perhaps, and this will give you today a haughty, even pretentious attitude.

Your relationships will not like this behavior at all, and some conflicts may break out in your friend circle. Of course, you have merit, but “any insolent winner at his loss works”. Try to be modest, flexible and tolerant.

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