Taurus Horoscope Wednesday 18th May 2022

This day you will feel empathic, for now you can feel the pain of the world; and you want to do everything possible to relieve this pain and improve it in the best way. You are talented and creative, and can express yourself very well through the arts. You can be skilled with healing arts of all kinds. Also, you are drawn to fantasy and religion.

The position of the Moon in opposition to Jupiter is generally a positive aspect, but it can lead to problems if you go too far with negative behaviors and habits. You might have a tendency to get addicted to things that make you feel good.


Anything that tickles the happy hormones in your brain can end up taking over your life if you’re not careful. Addictions are just a few examples, but too much of just about anything can cause serious problems.

You prefer a more stimulating relationship than a comfortable one. You don’t like being tied to anyone at the moment and you want your relationships to be superficial. While you may talk endlessly about your relationship, you may still be missing the deeper issues because you’re avoiding your reality.

Due to an instinct of grace, there is the potential to heal rejected or degraded aspects of the self. It is a time when a felt connection to spirit can help you work through any trauma, confusion, or loss. Take advantage of the good energy of Jupiter passing through the sign of Pisces, to heal any deep wound.


You are naturally friendly and you know how to exploit your charms to make them fall into your nets. But you need constant stimulation to keep you moving, often away from deepening bonds. It is the energy of Venus in the sign of Gemini.


Today Libra discharges its energy in your 6th house, the house of health, so it is possible that acne and all kinds of dermatological problems can prey on you, a fact that can make you a regular user of the services of dermatology and the purchase of cosmetics.

As if that were not enough, you will not be able to escape the disorders of the intestine, both due to excesses and defects. But if you follow the advice of a dermatologist and a nutritionist, you will be able to live with the shine you deserve. Beware of overeating due to stress.


The passage of Libra in your 6th house generates conditions to be diplomatic, fair and elegant. So working with you will be wonderful, sometimes you may seem lazy, but it’s not that you are, it’s that for now you need motivation, especially when the work is hard.

Money and Luck

Due to the energy that Gemini generates in your 2nd house, you will not be attached to material goods, because what interests you most for now is living in the moment and having a good time with the people you care about. You are good at earning money, so saving is not your concern unless you have any plans to buy property or take a trip.