Taurus Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

This month of April for Taurus will be one of progress and success. The most important thing will be the ease and power you will have to make the necessary changes in your life, to progress and live at ease. And spirituality. The lucky numbers for April: 1-2-3-4-13-14-15-16-23-24.

A somewhat complicated month since the energetic plasma can act in one way or another according to the specific state of each situation. Possible change of job or profession due to major causes.taurus april 2021 monthly horoscope

The moon of the 23rd can bring, until the end of the month, altercations with ease. Good days to start a new, totally new activity, not a variant of the above. From this date, and until the 4th or 5th of the following month, permanent income is seen, either from work, business, repayment of any outstanding debt, or even luckily in games of chance.

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In love, it will go well for you. You will be very attractive to the opposite gender. If you are in a relationship or married, you will do better than last month. If you are single: the opposite gender will notice and they will go after you, you will have to get rid of the girls / you. The advice is that you do not rush to commit to anyone. Take the time to get to know them well and have fun.

Stable couples continue with harmony and affection. It can even produce a pleasure trip. For those of you who do not have a partner, things have changed negatively. Without the facility to meet new people and with communication problems, a more heated discussion may arise between the 23rd and the 25th.

Your work life will continue to go very well. You have goals to follow and you go for them without problems. If you have a project in hand and an idea for a business in mind, this is the ideal month to present it and start developing it. In the same way, if you have a company and you are manufacturing a new product or item, it is the perfect time to launch it. It would be well received. The excellent dynamics of the previous month continue. Take advantage.

Money and Luck
Economically you will continue to do well, better and better. You will have several ways to earn money and you will have two strokes of luck on 18-19-20. You will be excited to receive that money and you will be encouraged to try harder, to promote the commercial part, and earn more money.

Those businesses that for a long time have been on the edge of the I follow or I do not follow, may now receive the influence of the “I do not follow”. But you must see it with an optimistic perspective, much more as an opportunity to create new activities, than as a failure or crisis. Also, you can transfer the business at a good price and take advantage of that impulse to create new things for which there are facilities. Of course, be cautious in the negotiations because if there were partners they will want to recover the more the better, and, on the other hand, you may encounter difficulties at the level of the workers, who can make claims for different concepts.

Family and Friends
As for your relationship with your family, it will continue to be very good and you will feel loved and supported by them. You love them madly and you are pleased to share with them your good and fun time.

Your health improves a lot this month. You will feel good and energetic about everything. Your immersion in spiritual life brings benefits of all kinds to your life. Not only emotional-mental, if not physically you will get into Yoga, Taichi or Meditation, which will change your life. You who are more of doing sports, with these relaxing and spiritual therapies, you will discover another way to get fit and feel balanced.

Study and exchange
If you are a student, you will do well. You will start going out more, but by not being able to go out at night due to the restrictions of the Pandemic, you will continue to maintain your study rhythm, which allows you to get better grades. Regardless of how old you are, spirituality will catch you in a way, which will lead you to read another type of extremely interesting reading. You will feel full and happy.