Taurus Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

April is a month that begins by asking you to clear your heart and mind of all those circumstances that do not allow you to move forward because they are ‘dead weight’ in your life. And for you to perfectly identify what I mean, you should start paying attention to the news and information that has arrived in your world on April 3; there are clear signs of what you should let go of.

During the first week of April, you may be starting to pack your bags because a situation involving a trip or a new adventure may be slowly coming to an end, and it may be time to go home or start saying goodbye to a place that was your ‘school’ for a long time.taurus monthly horoscope for april 2022


In your horoscopes for April 2022, we see that the new moon on the 11th marks the moment of the year in which you discover yourself ready to be completely reborn. A new life full of possibilities begins to rise on the horizon, but before To can take the leap and start your new chapter, you must be ready to release ideas, fears, and even beliefs that have anchored you in the past for a long time. Use the fifteen days after this moon to heal and reconcile everything you need, let go of the past, but take the lessons with you.

The date you want to schedule is April 14. On that day, Venus enters your sign and accompanies you for the rest of the month, helping you create beauty and harmony in any area of your life where you need a makeover. After this day, you can schedule a change of image, renovation of spaces, purchase, negotiation, or talk that has the purpose of helping you recover the balance that you have been losing over the last few months, both personally and professionally.

Your birthday season, that is, the moment when the Sun returns to Taurus begins on April 19. Mercury also enters your sign on the same day, which heralds the start of a new return to the Sun full of changes for you. Changes that will be born from your curiosity, from your desire to know more, from not being left with the doubt of anything, a return to the Sun will have you moving, traveling, busy, and solving pending issues.

The energy present between April 20 and 25 is ideal for accelerating any project that has to do with a move or a change in your family dynamics. Any difficult or unforeseen event that appears in the process will be easy to overcome or solve since these days are about pushing and a lot of strategies.

The full moon with which we close the month occurs on April 26, and it comes to warn you that it is time to end a stage of life that you were building together with someone else, a partner or partner. This story is about to germinate so that you can discover if there is a phase two or if, on the contrary, it is time to let go and separate. This moon also favors you to finish a period of personal healing, which you began around October of last year, to align your emotional life.

No one is the owner of the absolute truth, nor is there someone who has all the answers. And that is the learning that comes to reinforce with your Pluto retrograde that begins on April 27, so get ready to go back to the bottom of your mind to review the reasons that lead you to confront the truth.

This month of April, for Taurus, you will have a happy month not without tensions. It is a very important professional moment. The most important things will be money, social life, image, and health. Lucky numbers for April: 3-4-5-6-12-13-14-21-22-30.

Love will be happy this month. If you are married or live as a couple, you will share everything with her, your joys, and your projects. You will have a very quiet and very sweet moment. If you are alone, you will remain alone. It is not a month to find love. Taurus Horoscope April 2022

Social life will be special this month. You will have such charisma that everyone will approach you. Your close friends and your social relationships. Your self-esteem will be very high. It will be through the roof, and you will enjoy everything. From the 3rd week, you will begin to be able to enjoy your free time and life.

Work and profession will be the most important of the month. You will be very lucky. Everything will turn out well for you, especially after your birthday. You will begin a stage of personal brilliance.

Economically you will start to do well a few days before the eclipse on the 30th. In some way, it will have a positive influence, and your economy will increase. Your income will be much better, and you will feel happy. You will have the opportunity to do an interesting business. Studied and don’t let it go.

Your health will be very good, and you will feel energetic about everything. You will change your lifestyle: daily exercise, going to bed early, a healthy and varied diet… You will feel the need to change your image and style so that others will see you differently. It will be easier than you imagine, and you will get it.

Your home and your family will give you a hard time. It will be due to the solar eclipse on the 30th. Remember that the eclipse’s influence is felt 6 days before and 6 days after. Problems will arise at home, and although they will be complicated, you will be able to solve them. Your mother or your father will go through a bad time, and you will be there to support them.

Very good month for students. You will be very focused on your studies. It will be easy for you to concentrate and get good grades. You will perfectly combine friends, sports and studies.