Taurus Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Taurus Horoscope August 2018 and its predictions
The Taurus horoscope will be stressful. You will be lucky with: family, work and health. Lucky numbers for August: 4-5-6-7-12-13-21-22-24-25-31.

In love, you will be regular. The discussion could arise because you will be nervous, but do not download with your partner or it will go wrong. If at any time you say something inconvenient, ask for forgiveness quickly and rectify your behavior.taurus monthly horoscope august 2018

Social Life
Your social life will be great, but you will have to dose and reject invitations many times. You will not be able to do everything If a problem arises with a friend, solve it quickly and control your temperament.

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At work, there are no changes. You will continue working hard and under the orders of someone strict, who will be very demanding with you, but you have no choice but to put up with it. So continue for the moment, this is what there is.

The money will be regular. It is not a month to invest. Do not touch anything and let the month go by without spending too much and trying to save, because you will lack liquidity. Money does not come easily. Watch out! The money will come from the family. You will work with the family or you will work at home or your parents will give you money.

Family Life
The family and your house will be strongly affected by the solar eclipse on the 11th. Something will happen at home, which will greatly disturb you. The eclipse will cause breakdowns, breakages, which leads to repairs and unexpected extra expenses.

Good health during the first 3 weeks, but the last week of the month, be careful !!! Do not do risky sports and rest at home. Avoid excesses and exhaustion. You will be sleepy and you will need rest, but you will not be able to have too much relaxing time for you. Beware of diet, because you will tend to gain weight. You should be very strict with your diet.

Study and Education
If you are a student it will be a relaxed month. The holidays have arrived and you will not be so focused on the studies, but nevertheless, you will want to read about spiritual topics and go deeper than you have done until then. It is the ideal month for it since it suits you to rest.