Taurus Monthly Horoscope for August 2021

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for August 2021

This month of August for Taurus will be passive, ideal for reflection. The most important thing will be family and home, work, social life. The lucky numbers for August: 1-10-11-18-19-20-21-27-28.

The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn can alternately push you to excess and reserve, stubbornness and then goodwill, conflict followed by reconciliation. Venus and Mars are well placed, at least until the 16th, to help you in your work and daily routine. The weather is changeable but realistic and you can keep projects interesting across the board, although some of them will require patience and perseverance.taurus monthly horoscope for august 2021

Love is regular because you do not have clear ideas about how to act with your partner. The relationship is not going well and you don’t know how to fix it. Don’t rush into making decisions. If you are single, it will not be a month in which you could meet the great love of your life. When it appears you will know who that person is. Do not let her escape. Take your time, do not rush, but savor that attraction and that delicious romance.

Venus and Mars will exalt your love life at least until the 16th, then you will expand your concern to the rest of your environment by investing more in your family or your home. The Sun helps you manage the administration and enjoy good family relationships at least until the 22nd.

Afterward, it will be your power of seduction that allows you to shine, please and perhaps try your luck in love. If you remain very attentive to what happens at work and in your social relationships, however, you will be attentive to your love affairs and you will be as available as necessary.

Social Life
You will live the social life to the fullest. Whether you are on vacation or working, this month of August is a month of vacation and fun. Lots of social life, lots of parties, meetings, activities, and friends. A month to meet a lot of new people, which you will have to select. But you will have a great time.

Work and profession will go very well for you. You will get a very good job opportunity in the middle of the month. Study it carefully, because it is very interesting to you. Either way, there’s a change in your job in the middle of the month.

You are full of energy at work, full of ideas and zeal, and your colleagues, associates, and clients are happy with you. But you are limited by frustrating restrictions or responsibilities and you tend to push yourself beyond your strength or limits. Until the 22nd, you work hard, you communicate arrogantly sometimes, you are on all fronts. At the end of the month, the weather will calm down and you can recharge your batteries at home, relax and face your professional future with serenity.

Money and Luck
Money will be important this month because, despite the stoppage and stagnation of business, you will not be affected. The flow of money will continue to enter and you will receive good opportunities to earn money with interesting businesses that you will not miss. Through your family relationships, the money will come to you during the 1st half of the month.

You manage your finances with a lot of common sense and efficiency. Your daily activities bring you money and satisfaction, your possible investments are judicious and prudent, your expenses are under control with difficulties sometimes linked to the attraction to beautiful things and noble materials. In general, if you remain vigilant and disciplined, you shouldn’t encounter any major problems. It is also a good time to make an original, but a solid investment.

Your health will be fine. Whether you work or not, it’s a month to have fun. Holidays, outings, activities, rest … It will be very good for your health. You will know how to take advantage of it.

You can be irritable or authoritarian at times, and this peremptory attitude could cause some conflict or resistance that will make you feel bad if you don’t put a little more diplomacy in your exchanges. Any obstacle seems like a personal offense and your behavior could harm you more than help you.

That is why in August you must be diligent in your activities and postpone stormy discussions (towards the beginning of the school year). The best thing is that you focus on your personal projects while still being kind to those around you, it is a balance that must be found.

Family and Friends
Your home and your family are still the most important of the month. Your parents are doing very well financially and your lifestyle is enviable. Enjoy all the activities and family gatherings, which are going to be presented. Taurus is like that, friends are important, but family is much more. Enjoy their company!

The nervous tension is palpable and you should be cautious in your activities since your nervousness or distraction could cause unpleasant incidents. Play moderate sports like swimming, cycling, or hiking. Keep in touch with your family by sharing walks, preparing a grill, or playing a board game from time to time. Relaxation and spending are the two focuses of this month, a bit overloaded, but exciting.

A quiet month for students, because in Spain you are all on vacation. Mind-free and disconnected. For you, the ideal time to read novels and about topics that interest you and that you don’t have time to read during the year.

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