Taurus Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

This month of January for Taurus will be a month of success and happiness. The most important thing will be health, work, family. The lucky numbers for 3-4-12-13-14-15-21-22-30-31.

He is usually tender and affectionate, especially if he is a woman, although under a temperament that seems to be able to with everything, which is not true. Affection gives you security, something essential for Taurus. Love this month will present you with some setbacks. The planet of Love, Venus, will test the solidity of the bonds and a certain egoistic tendency in the way he expresses his emotions. Taurus must take into account that Mars will generate intense energy within him, which he must learn to handle. The pending lesson? Accept the life changes.taurus monthly horoscope january 2021

The keys will be to overcome the stiffness and its tendency to hold and close. Take as astral energy tools the passage of the Sun through Capricorn most of the month and the transits of Jupiter and Pluto, with whose energy he will feel the comfort of security and the ability to take charge of situations. Thus he will be victorious in all areas.

From January and throughout the year, Jupiter will be stationed in a significant area for the natives of Taurus: House VIII. But, during the first part of January, the planet of good luck will be accompanied by Mars, the star of enthusiasm and action.

Hence the energy of the bullfighters will be overflowing and even the most modest will have to allow themselves to enjoy themselves without guilt. However, at work, things will not be so clear, since, although there will be important benefits, problems will also arise with colleagues due to lack of loyalty and envy.

In love, it will go well for you. If you are in a partner, you will do well and you will feel happy. Everything flows between you and you are comfortable with your partner. If you are single, you will be very seductive with the opposite gender, you will go out a lot with friends, and you could meet someone exciting, who will make you fall in love.

January will be a somewhat turbulent month in your relationship and affections. Saturn stresses you intimately and Mars distorts desire. There is a disagreement, an important distance that arises from the inability to meet the other. Likewise, the transit of Venus requires balance, avoid excesses, and, above all, overcome a certain lightness when living romances. It is a month to work with yourself and respect the other. Jupiter, the Great Benefactor, asks you to break free.

Social Life
Social life will be very active, as always. You need to go out with your friends, to change your mind and have a good time. You will want to travel and see the world. With the Covid and its restrictions, it will not be possible.

Professionally, you will do very well, but you will have to work a lot. Success is assured because you will achieve your goals. Some of you telecommute and the family, to help you, could turn your job into a family business. The advice this month is to control your temper because you are going to face everyone. You will be nervous and impatient and at times, you will be intractable.

The Sun in Capricorn and Mercury will allow you to take courses for your best job performance. Language learning is highlighted. He will be curious and will fluently learn tools and techniques that he will incorporate to his advantage. Likewise, it is a conducive transit for the entry of money, especially from foreign firms or purchase and sale operations with other countries. You will gain confidence and security, in addition to appreciating the meaning of effort and discipline, which will add rewards.

Money and Luck
The money will be great for you. You will earn more money and all your business will flow with ease. You will be very conservative with your money and you will be much more saver than usual. You do well because you don’t know what unforeseen events you might have.

Family and Friends
Family life will be beautiful. You will be more united than ever and everything you do together will be a success. Your family, as I told you in the work section, will want to help you and achieve your goals.

Health will be good and you will have a lot of energy, but watch out for contractures. So much work can cause problems with your back and your neck. The tension will produce strong contractures and you will need a good physiotherapist to feel good. Otherwise, you could have a headache and muscle pain. Rest all you can and sleep your hours because the wear will be great.

If you are a student, it will be difficult for you to focus again. The Holidays have broken your study rhythm and now it will be difficult for you to get back into the rhythm. Do not be discouraged. Little by little you will get it.

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