Taurus Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

This month of July for Taurus will be passive, ideal for reflection. The most important thing will be family and home, work, money. The lucky numbers for July: 3-4-5-13-14-23-24-26.

You have to think that your professional circumstances will deserve special attention. You will have a good relationship life, calm and full, especially if your relationship is stable. If your relationship is in its beginning, you will consolidate the relationship.taurus monthly horoscope for july 2021

You will have the possibility of many moments of intimacy and outings with couples and very positive friendships. Those of you who are studying and have to take exams or present the result of your work, you will see that the performance will be very good. If you are working, the same will happen; a great success in your work and professional activities.

You should also be careful about overspending. Quite a calm month and without problems for your health, if by chance you suffer from a problem related to your diet, you should take special care not to commit excesses. If you are on a diet, you should follow it to the letter.

Love is regular because you are not in a romantic moment. You have other priorities. If you are in a relationship, the relationship works regularly. You have your head at work and friends. Your partner needs more attention. If you are single, it will not be a month in which you are interested in starting a new relationship. You are very comfortable with friends and right now you are not looking for anything else.

Unfortunately, all of you must wait until the end of the month to review the stars in love. In fact, Venus will be positive again from the zodiac sign Virgo from July 23, while from July 30 the support of Mars will also arrive. So having these two planets behind them maybe it will bring some misunderstandings, some hidden situations, some lies, but it will have to go through all this to start a new period in which feelings, emotions,,,, and passion will be the engine. to strengthen the relationship.

Those who are still alone have hope at the end of the month, let’s say from the last week of July, that some meeting, rapprochement, message in the chat could revive a passion that has lain dormant for a long time. Do not give up meeting new people during the first days of the month because it could become a true and pure feeling.

Social Life
Social life will be through your friends forever and you will dedicate yourself to opening your social circle. Friends will be a great support to you because you will tell them about your problems and concerns and they will give you good advice. You will make new contacts with a view to future business.

Work and profession will be very important during this month, but it will seem that nothing is moving. The retrograde planets, which you have located in this house, will prevent your professional life from advancing. You must use this time, to put your ideas in order, to plan your professional future and when in September everything starts up, you will be ready to advance at full speed. What you will not lack are the contacts, which you will know how to use in the future.

During a good part of the month, you will have the support of Mercury who, entering the zodiac sign Virgo, creating a sextile transit with your natal Sun, will allow you to fully involve ideas and creative mental forces to create new professional paths. It is a pity not to have the support of Saturn that specifies and stabilizes everything, but Jupiter for all of July will continue to be retrograde in Pisces, bringing very interesting professional news, perhaps also economic to those who were born in the third decade.

A work that in the past had stalled may be resumed with vigor and you will be able to achieve good goals but everything that comes in should not be wasted because by the end of the month the square of the planet Jupiter returns and therefore those of the first decade they should be far from unserious and illusory professional proposals. Do not invest money in very unclear situations and trust yourself.

Money and Luck
The most important thing in the month is money. You are in a phase of creating new sources of income, although these will not arrive as fast as you want. You will have to save.

Venus in the zodiac sign Virgo from July 23 and Mars always in Virgo from July 30. These two new transits are indicative at the level of luck because they will be associated with the transit of Jupiter in Pisces practically throughout the month and which will obviously affect especially those who were born in the third decade of the zodiac sign Cancer. The responsibilities increase and until the 30th you will be sadly tired, combative but morally and physically tired.

Do not overdo it with vices such as food, alcohol, smoke,,,, and do not think that you can easily regain energy because Saturn steals joy, sociability makes you less expansive,,,, and perhaps perhaps too silent. In some cases, the blues can take over, but you struggle with the people you love. Excellent opportunities for luck in the professional sector are not excluded, but also at the level of your private life. Strength and courage.

Your health will be fine but your energies will be low because you don’t sleep well and you are accumulating fatigue. There are no diseases insight, which is the important thing.

Family and Friends
Your home and your family will be the most important this month. You need stability and harmony at home, to feel safe and think positively at work. If you have to do works at home or paint, take advantage of this month. July is a good time.

Unstable month for the study, due to nerves and your insecurity. At least in Spain, it is the last school month and the final exams are there. Nerves for everyone!

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