Taurus Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

After a hectic start to the year, enjoy a period conducive to your fulfillment and savor the joys of life. Starting on the 9th, you become more greedy and aspire to fulfill your wishes without delay. Jupiter favors projects that are dear to you but, with greed at your side, you act without taking sufficient account of your means. Your charm takes effect on your loved ones, friends, and lovers and you present your life plans with ardor and eloquence. But avoid giving importance and do not be too demanding. In any case, your fierce desire for results will help you achieve them by the end of the month.

This month of May for Taurus will be very changeable and busy. The most important thing will be money, spirituality, health, and love. The lucky numbers for May: 1-2-10-11-13-14-20-21-28-29.taurus monthly horoscope for may 2021

In love, this month will go well for you. If you are married or with a partner, everything. If you are single, you will meet someone very spiritual and will introduce you to her world. This will be a great discovery for you and from the hand of this person, you will discover a new way of valuing your life and new spiritual and romantic practices.

You lose the support of Venus from the 10th of this month because the planet of love moves in Gemini and therefore in the second astrological sector but this means that in feelings things do not change, only you have to face some expenses perhaps inherent to the family and the love partner. If you are alone in the first part of the month, the first 10 days are still good to meet someone, frequent new places, send intriguing messages in the chat, and with a very seductive, even whimsical but captivating Mars, you can attract anyone person.

If you already have a partner by your side, then a big sky in the first part of the month to strengthen the bond, while in the second part it would be good to organize an excursion, a small and short trip to have fun and have a positive dialogue. Do not hide anything from your love because soon everything could come to Galle and everything would be ruined. Beware of lies.

Social Life
As for social life, she will continue to be super active, both with friends and with friends from work. It will be very interesting to you, because this month, you will meet new, different people, with whom you will get along and feel delighted.

Work will be fine for you. Your professional life is activated and it will be a not living from so much work. Take advantage of this hot streak. You will be delighted by all the people you meet and the results.

Excellent period for work is the one that is related to the first 10 days of May, then later there will be a slight decrease, perhaps a slowdown or in any case the need to review something economically. In fact, from day 5 Mercury is in transit in the second house, and from day 10 also Venus. Then the incoming expenses or the need to conclude professional situations, agreements that must bring money.

Unfortunately, you must open your eyes and not be fooled because Jupiter’s influences are absolutely harmful, and therefore do not be overly disinterested and trusting if someone proposes businesses that seem incredibly profitable. Attentive to some legal, bureaucratic situation that should not be underestimated. Do not change jobs during this period but continue on your usual path hoping for better times. If you are looking for a new job good opportunities in the first week.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will be fine. But, you are going to have to change the way you manage your finances. Be more thrifty, function more with provisions of funds, etc … Otherwise, you will have some economic ups and downs, which will create a lot of instability. During the last week of the month, things change again and improve a lot. Your economy begins a new stage and prosperity will accompany you for a few months.

A difficult sky if we speak of luck, of destiny events that arrive and resolve situations. Mercury and Venus are indeed positive in the first days of the month but Jupiter and Saturn in the square are not easy to handle and complicate everything. Thank goodness that in these 4 weeks the favorable support of Mars in Cancer continues and therefore you are physically in good shape and you can sustain all the battles that Jupiter and Saturn put in your way.

To avoid long trips, to avoid situations that seem quite tempting but that surely hide traps, scams, and perhaps financial losses. Do not argue with anyone in this period, otherwise, it will be difficult to find immediate solutions and the weather will get worse rather. Everything that comes your way is complicated now, but you have the right skills to face any battle and win it. Mars supports you, for now, so don’t give up.

Family and Friends
Family is fine and your home is perfect. Maybe your siblings want to see you and need to talk to you and give them advice. You know how to listen, you are very prudent and you have good judgment, so they love to exchange ideas with you. In your family, you are experiencing a spiritual feeling, new to you and there are new topics for conversation and exchanges of ideas.

This month you will be in very good health. You will feel strong and energetic. You will want to go everywhere, to meet friends, family, to work… Also, you will look handsome, fit, with an unbeatable image and all this will make you feel satisfied with yourself. Beware of accidents! Since due to the lunar eclipse on the 26th, you will be in constant danger. Something will make you philosophize with life and death and value your own life more.

From the 13th, Jupiter gives you a lot of energy that you can use in various and, why not, unusual activities. It is a good month to go for a walk, to discover the joys of hiking and perhaps a wild camping trip. It is also the occasion to get acquainted with angling. For the bravest, bike rides or gardening, in short, everything that happens outside will do you very well. Leave the screens, give up rich foods and take care of your body, it will thank you for this summer.

If you are a student, it will be regular. The lunar eclipse on the 26th will completely destabilize your student life. You could have to change universities or change careers or have to accept that you are not studying what you like the most… Nothing happens !!! The important thing is that you accept it and adapt as soon as possible. You have to be moldable in life.

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