Taurus Monthly Horoscope for the April 2020

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

The Taurus horoscope in April. The most important thing: the power to change everything, prosperity, money, health, and image, love and work. The lucky numbers for April: 5-6-7-8-13-14-20-21-23-24.

Your health will be good. You take more care of yourself and you will feel the need to feel handsome and comfortable inside your skin. Many of you can do sports, diet, to be more attractive. You will take more care of yourself in the sense of going to the hairdresser and the beauty salon. You will put creams and you will take vitamins … You will have premonitory dreams, which you should take into account. Put a notebook and pen on your nightstand, to write it down as soon as you open your eyes if you are not going to forget it.taurus monthly horoscope april 2020

this period for you is good but only for a small part and exactly in its initial part. Unfortunately, as far as love is concerned, you lose the possibility of having your hip Venus, who just left your sky on April 4 but you do not have to be too worried because if you have known how to exploit its transit, now you can live a very serene sentimental story, calm and full of satisfactions.

In effect, starting on April 4, those who have lived a very beautiful month in their feelings can start doing projects with the person they want, projects that can be carried out within the end of the first part of the year, Jupiter considering in trigone that fortifies everything you do.

Well, optimal period and despite the goodbye of Venus that moving in your second astrological house confirmation but some expenses to satisfy family and your love partner demands. Now lonely hearts may have some difficulty investigating a person to love and also considering the square of Mars, the allure and seductive power will be at low levels and it will not be quite simple to conquer someone’s heart.

Work and Money
Mars squarely and unmercifully Mercury that on April 12 is in your twelfth astrological house, do not allow to be so efficient at work, despite the arrival of the Sun on April 20 that in any case delivers optimism and greater self-esteem.

During this period it is necessary to be very attentive to the decisions you make in the labor sector because although Jupiter is in trigone, unfortunately, the risk of making mistakes or not knowing how to take advantage of an occasion, is very high. Well, it is necessary to be very attentive, concentrated on what they are doing without believing that they will get everything soon.

If you are looking for a new job, the situation becomes more complicated after the middle of the month and you will notice that agreements, collaborations, and contracts also have a slight drop and delay but they will not have to be nervous about what happens because Mars indicates just a level of nervousness that could ruin some professional relationships. Calm down and proceed with caution being careful not to irritate a colleague from work. Attention also in economic investments at this time.

Economically it will be excellent. You will earn money easily because your intuition for business and investment will be infallible. Take advantage now if you have money, to invest since you will earn insurance. The opportunities will come to you without leaving your home and you will know how to take advantage of them. You will spend on yourself and your image. Be careful not to go overboard! Save !!!!

Without doubt, Jupiter is an ally of yours but its positive influence cannot function for every day of the year and lo and behold, in this period its favorable influences are slightly extinguished and therefore it is necessary to work more, suffer more and work much or more to get the one that until now maybe it was easier to get.

Especially the second part of April is not simply on a physical level because Mars, in addition to creating tension and nervousness, creates stress and the difficulty of finding a good agreement with people by exploiting dialogue.

Excellent opportunity for those who want to work hard and the best thing to do in this period would be just that of working hard and seeing very few people who love each other more, to avoid, note, discussions, fights, misunderstandings. Physically you will not be in optimal shape for almost the whole month although after April 20 you can recover thanks to the Sun in your sky but to avoid dangerous sports and be aware of small accidents, amusements to the automobile guide.

Family and Friends
In April you will be super comfortable at home … You will feel loved by your family. You know, they are looking out for you and will pamper you more than ever. They are concerned about your work and will try to help you. Someone from your family or family environment will offer you a good job opportunity. Listen to it before rejecting it!

Social life will be as always, it is important to you and your friends will always be present. A Taurus with no friends around him does not exist. You know how to take care of them and they count on you. This will be this month, as always. In these Coronavirus moments, you will know how to keep in touch with them, whether by mobile phone, video calls, group video conferences … The fact is that your sympathy and your attention will continue to reach them.

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