Taurus Monthly Horoscope May 2018

Taurus Monthly Horoscope May 2018

Taurus May 2018 and its predictions
The Taurus will be happy and successful. You are lucky to face everything: money, work, changes and opportunities. Lucky numbers for May: 4-5-7-8-14-15-16-17-22-23-26-27-31.

Taurus love May 2018
In love, you will be fine if you are in a couple, but do not make hasty decisions in anything. If you did, they would not be right. It simply continues at the current rate and everything will be fine. If you are single, it will not be a good month to fall in love. You will go out with friends and have fun because there is no new love in sight.taurus monthly horoscope may 2018

Taurus social life May 2018
Your social life will be active, if you turn years this month, you will be very lucky and clairvoyant, to make the opportune decisions. Your friends support you and will be aware of you and your decisions. Maybe they think, you’re not doing things right.

Taurus work May 2018
In the profession, you will do very well. You will have the power and strength to achieve everything you set out to do. The Universe will support and push you so that you can achieve it. Things that you had thought would be impossible for you, this month you will see that you can achieve it. Very interesting job offers will appear. Even if you are already working, they could be very tempting for you and make you question your future. You will have to work a lot this month and you will be nudged in the fight for power.

Taurus money May 2018
The money will go very well if you evolve spiritually. You need to do it to give the right value to things. You will have very good financial intuition. Business has always been good for you. You will receive a large cash inflow, the last week of the month. The money will come from your work, your investments, your family and the sale of some property.

Taurus home and family May 2018
The family supports you in your ambitions and you feel how much they love you. That comforts you and makes you stronger. If you have doubts, comment on them, as they can guide you and give you new ideas.

Taurus Health May 2018
The excellent health. You will feel full and you will want to get fit and pamper yourself. You will want to change the image. But remember, you’re a big eater and you have to cut yourself with food. Follow a balanced diet and do sport. You’ll see … You’ll feel more satisfied and sure of yourself.

Taurus studies May 2018
If you are a student you will do very well, because if you study, you will be lucky and you will pass. Put your batteries, study, organize, play sports and balance yourself, so you can study better.