Taurus Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Taurus Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

This October for Taurus will be very active. The most important thing will be love, the economy, social life, and work. The lucky numbers for October: 3-4-5-13-14-21-23-24-31. The future is extremely interesting and attractive, like a magnet. Also, it is very difficult to characterize our attitude toward him unequivocally: then we try to find out about him, then we are afraid of any information about him. However, more often we show interest than a denial that is why horoscopes are the most popular among them, the language that the stars speak to us about the future. A variety of horoscopes about love, finances, money, family, health in October 2020 for Taurus, read below.

In October, the natives of Taurus will choose to satisfy most of their interests. Both at work and the emotional level, they will be able to take advantage of the best opportunities until the beginning of the second part of October. Among his friends, Cancer will bring him closer to the possibility of traveling abroad and getting in touch with different cultures and landscapes. Friendship with Libra will pave the way that will bring you closer to art. United by the same interest, they will share decoration and crafts courses. Gemini and Aquarius will support efforts made in this area by the natives of Taurus. On the romantic plane, Aries and Taurus will occupy privileged places.taurus monthly horoscope of october 2020

You will be quite romantic and creative, but during the middle of October, your partner will give you more of a headache. Taurus, a peaceful animal by nature, can turn into a whirlwind of anger if provoked and exactly that is what will happen this October. Confrontations with brothers, cousins, neighbors, and the couple will happen without ceasing. Needless to say, they will have to deal with some very uncomfortable situations, derived from underhanded power struggles. Such situations may arise in the most divergent circumstances, both in the workplace and with friends or family. It will be good if these natives remain peacefully settled in their place, as is often their custom, in an active spectator role.

Taurus Astrology October 2020
The fluent dialogue will promote joy. Sometimes you have to dare to be happy. Love and family find their meaning again. Taurus knows how to turn dreams and projects into a concrete reality, now he can take off seriously. Soon Venus enters Virgo promoting an elastic, plastic, almost mystical body that shines with beauty and gives it a lot of charm. This magic is reflected, both in the sense of bodily enjoyment and the romantic and affective aspect. Also, in your everyday life strength and ability will emerge. Mars in Virgo signals power, maximum determination, and victory. Jupiter in Virgo will help you improve your income by creating one occasion after another, which will translate into a calm and balanced mood. Pluto in Capricorn invites you to be more incisive and to believe in your ideas. Neptune in Pisces suggests meeting different, but interesting people, maintaining an open and frank dialogue.

Taurus Predictions October 2020
Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, will have much and good to give to the Bulls during October. Perhaps, the period begins with some frustrations whose bitter taste could persist throughout the first week; but, afterward, everything will be different. The enthusiasm for new romances and the consolidation of existing ones will draw smiles on the face of most bullfighters. Mars, positioned at a favorable angle, will make them stop their sedentary habits and many will decide to join a gym or, at least, go for a walk.

Love will be the most important thing in October. It is a month in which you want to be happy at all costs and you will feel very romantic. If you are in a couple and you are happy, you will feel even more romantic. If you are in a relationship and you are not happy, you will be clear about what you want and you will have the power to change things. Some will end up breaking up with their partner because they will accept that it does not work and they will prefer to be free, to find true love; and others, they will realize, that they are with the right person and have to fix it so that they work well as a couple.

With the entry of Venus in Virgo, you will be able to establish optimal complicity with your bonds and close environment. You will always be accompanied, but without giving up your private life. This is an interesting moment if you want to organize a meeting with family or friends that you have not seen in a long time. Take advantage of a holiday so everyone can relax, chat, enjoy. Neptune in Pisces is making you understand the importance that groups and friends have in your life.

Intimate enemies. In matters of the heart, this month of October will bring all kinds of shocks to the Bulls. They will be subjected to outbursts of jealousy that will leave them stunned. Consequently, they will begin to have suspicions, probably unfounded, of the loyalty of the couple. This will last until the 20th. In the meantime, it is convenient for you to dive into totally unknown aspects of yourself, in certain dark areas of your soul that you rarely dare to visit. On the other hand, from the 21st onwards, the weather will be more cheerful, with many outings with friends and exhausting fun. Perhaps too exhausting for the very slow Taurus.

Those Taurus whose bonds are not yet completely firm will have the possibility to strengthen them. In the case of Aries, he will not accept the conditions imposed on him. Either way, reconciliation could be a tangible event. With another Taurus you will form a solid partner; no words or actions will disturb the balance of the relationship. Virgo, you may find it a little entertaining and not adventurous, but your love will endure beyond any difficult situation. The professional concerns that will overwhelm the Capricorn will threaten the relationship.

During the first week of October, Venus will not be magnanimous with the hearts of the natives of Taurus; it will be elusive. However, from the 8th, the love horizon will be completely clear and a rainbow will be drawn over it. The possibility of making short-distance trips will attract the Bulls, who will not delay in preparing a small suitcase to leave and enjoy a special weekend in good company. Intimacy will be colored with pleasure and lovers will choose the language of caresses as a means of communication.

Social Life
Social life will be very active. Everything that is work relationships, you will have to work them, to take the cat to the water. But you are very good at it. All new clients or new contracts or a new job will come to you by making a social life and relating. It’s not a problem for you.

The work is going to be very active and productive. You will do very well, but you will have to be cautious, avoid confrontations, and use your charm, to get hold of the businesses that interest you. Neptune in Pisces will be favorable, since it will give you sensitivity, intuition, and a lot of sympathy for your ties, in addition to making you much more understanding. Mercury and the Sun in Libra will cause changes in the scope of work. It will have a lot of energy and certain hidden themes will also be revealed with colleagues and superiors. Jupiter, Mars, and then Venus in Virgo protect your projects so that you will get better results. You can strategize, create, and think.

By associating with Gemini, Taurus will discover hitherto unknown freedom. A month of October will conclude in which his inertia kept him away from professional achievements and will begin a period rich in results. Leo will try to maintain a leading role that will end up annoying his Taurus partner. Annoying, this son of Venus could end society. Scorpio is quite inflexible and this behavior will not help the smooth running of professional relationships with Taurus. On the other hand, the differences with Aquarius will increase the good results of their endeavors.

Throughout the month, the negotiations that bullfighters face in the commercial or labor sphere will not come to fruition quickly and easily. There will be several misunderstandings and delays will occur, which will not be reasonable for more than one. Neither will the appointments and promotions that were planned for this period occur. Therefore, it will be necessary to arm yourself with patience and wait for Mercury to leave its retrogradation and return its direct movement, which will happen next month. Fear not, everything will improve.

There will be very tough power struggles, but Taurus will prove to be a tough opponent and, also, will enjoy an unusual lucidity at work. They will be able to close advantageous agreements but first, they will have to clear up dark points. Also, they will have incredible mental acuity that will earn them the applause of their superiors. In the remaining time, the best thing for the Bulls will be that they dedicate themselves to evaluating opportunities, measuring possible consequences of various options, and analyzing the current course of the projects that occupy them. If they do this, success is assured.

Money matters will be the most important thing. If you have debts, pay them off and get rid of them. If you have valuables that you don’t use, sell them as soon as possible. If you have to buy something necessary, buy it during the first fortnight because during the second you will not be able to do it. Some unforeseen events and expenses that you did not have, will prevent you from doing it. You should save, although you are not good at it. You will have to use your charms, to take the business yourself.
The family will be compiled this month. The economy will be difficult and the main object of fights between you, because you will not agree on how to spend it. You will have a tendency to spend and live from day to day, but your parents and your partner will reproach you, how wasteful you are. It is time to reorganize your house and your room. Throw away or give away everything that you don’t use. You need to clean up your financial life and stay with the minimum expenses. You have to lighten your expenses and create space for new energies to enter.

Jupiter, Mars, and Venus in Virgo will surely generate a lively and interesting atmosphere in the affective sphere. You will be able to weave feelings together with cultural interests, eroticism, and desire to have fun. If you are living a full relationship, you can strengthen the bond through deep complicity and sincere understanding. You will have a more conscious and realistic attitude towards the emotional life of a couple. In love, it will be sweeter and will seek mutual understanding.

Health will be good, but because you are going to take care of yourself. Follow a balanced diet, exercise daily, sleep your hours and you will feel great. Nothing worse for the health of the Bulls than a permanent emotional tension. Putting distance without getting upset, but also without being indignant internally more than necessary, it will be advisable. Although the symptoms can be diverse, they will have to take special care of infections in the throat and also of the urinary infections. It will be important that they do not let themselves be before the appearance of symptoms. Another vulnerable point of these natives is the ears. Therefore, all preventive measures will be appropriate: do not take cold, eat well, and reinforce the defenses with vitamins.

The natives of Taurus who are afflicted by some physical dysfunction will achieve faster recovery since they will have the energetic favors of the Sun that will transit through the area related to health. With invigorated defenses, viral or bacterial conditions will be less frequent. Only in the last week of the month, there will be more cases of respiratory tract conditions. For this reason, it will be appropriate for them to consume foods that contain vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, kiwi, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, among others.

The month of October will be highlighted by the many activities that Taurus will develop with their friends. Cancer will bring Taurus closer to the possibility of making his long-awaited trip abroad. Your Libra friend will pave the way that will bring you closer to art. Different courses will professionalize their knowledge allowing this son of Venus to express his artistic talent. Sagittarius will end up getting angry if Taurus persists in refusing to accompany him on his weekend activities. Instead, Pisces will convince his friend to hold seminars and workshops on astrology.

If you are a student, it will be difficult for you to focus on your studies, but you will have to do it, to meet your expectations and pass the course.

Astral Advice of October for Taurus
Try to cultivate your curiosity and open-mindedness, as well as a desire to learn new and useful things. It could count on more financial resources. They will bring you many benefits. Go ahead with your goals.

Influential alliances and beautiful emotions friend Taurus! Your work sector receives the Sun in Libra until the 22nd, then Mercury and Venus at the end of the month: affirm your abilities! Your view of life changes under the metamorphoses suggested by the heavy planets in the sky, the last two decades. While Uranus competes with the first decan by emanating its liberating wind! Mercury in front of your sign until the 28th, promote good communication with your friends. March all month in Aries, accentuate a certain feverishness, maintain confidence in yourself. Neptune promotes your projects, second decan, learn to feel, and follow your intuition. Venus in Virgo from the 4th to the 28th favors your love affairs, while the Sun that faces you from the 23rd makes your married life easier.

Loving panorama: From the 4th to the 28th, Venus, your planet in Virgo in harmony with your sign supports you. In the program, there will be emotional joys, stable and deep feelings. Mars in Aries, on the other hand, does not help the expression of your greedy sensuality, you could be too direct or in demand. Mercury in Scorpio induces in you a beautiful thrust from your intimate exchanges, silent force!

If you are in a relationship: Diplomacy until the 22nd, sweet everyday life. Focus on your married life thanks to the Sun that joins Mercury in Scorpio: the intensity of exchanges, the greater importance of the other. Venus promotes your love life from the 4th to the 28th, you will have the words and the feelings to touch your heart.

If you are single: I want to increase, but a little reserved. Are you attracted to bedroom relationships for once? Mars invites you in any case. A meeting is impossible especially after 23. Your feelings remain the same, anchored, and solid, do not fall in love with a committed person elsewhere! The advice of My Horoscope for the Day: An affectionate and good life at the conjugal level should make you smile in these first days of autumn freshness. Continue on your way, always with that peaceful force that characterizes you so much. Adapt, the first decan, to the renewal that is coming!

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