Taurus October 2018 Love, Health Luck and Money Horoscope

Taurus October 2018 Love, Health Luck and Money Horoscope

The Taurus horoscope will be good. You will be lucky with: social life, love, money. Lucky numbers for October: 6-7-10-11-15-16-20-21-25-26.

Taurus love October 2018
In love you will be fine, especially the last week of the month. If you are single, you will find love the last week of the month. That does not mean, that it will not appear during the month, but you will not feel safe and until the end of the month, you will not decide to take any steps.

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Taurus horoscope social life October 2018
Your social life will be active, as always. Your ideas will be clarified and suddenly you will know exactly what you want, with whom you want to go out, with whom you do not want to know anything, what activities you want to go out on and which ones do not … You will become more selective.

Taurus work October 2018
At work you will do very well. You will continue with the same strong dynamic that you are carrying throughout this year. It will go very well, but they will demand a lot and you will have to work many hours. Take advantage of the inertia, to start a new project, because sure, that it would succeed.

Taurus money October 2018
The money will go very well. You need to relate, to further promote your profession and business, to earn more money. It will take you extra money at the end of the month. Your family will help you too. Money will not be what you lack. On days 28-29-30 you could have luck in a game of chance. They could propose you to start a family business. Study it, it would be a good idea!

Taurus home and family October 2018
At home you feel good. You like to spend time with your family, chatting, eating or watching a good movie. they look great. You feel proud of your house and you like to have guests. On Sundays you always have someone.

Taurus health October 2018
Health must take care of it. You will have very low energies, so you should take care of yourself more, rest, sleep the hours you need and you would not miss a few vitamins, to reinforce yourself. You should take this month to cleanse yourself. Look for a Detox diet and you will stay again. Do not go through sex, because you will still weaken more and do not forget about condoms.

Taurus studies October 2018
If you are a student it is hard for you to start studying seriously. You need more will power, to study and organize your time, your life and learn to prioritize. Change chip, go to class, play sports and study. You will be much calmer and you will concentrate better.