Taurus Today Horoscope Friday 19th May 2017

Taurus Today Horoscope Daily Predictions Friday 19th May 2017

You may begin to feel attracted, or attracted, sentimentally towards a certain person known recently. Do not fret thinking that you are being unfaithful to the thought you love. Diversity is not at odds with human values ​​and the fact that you are attracted to someone does not necessarily mean that you are going to consummate any kind of relationship between the two. A trusted friend will give you some good advice. Listen to him and then apply what suits you according to your particular circumstances. Everything in life is subject to change. The sensitive issues will begin to be resolved basically those associated with legal, labor or family issues. You are in the final stage of your birthday cycle, there will be a positive and radical change in your affairs, for the better.

The Moon continues in transit by the sign of Aquarius moving to the sign of Pisces. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto remain retrograde. An unpleasant experience of the past should not prevent the enjoyment of your present happiness. Every encounter is different and you do not have to think that you will go wrong again. Live intensely today.

There is a harmonic balance in your horoscope associated with your health problems. Hair and skin will require special care today and if you properly orient your energy in a positive sense you will achieve excellent results.

In your astral horizon there is a business trip or an invitation to dinner in which there is an offer of employment or the possibility of improving your current job status. It is not final, but it has a chance of success and you should not close the doors.

Issues related to loans and credits are well sponsored, but not chance so do not risk your fortune in impromptu games. Put your mind to work and you will see how great ideas come up to make the money you need during these last days of your birthday period.

The sadness is just around the corner, in a few days the melancholy will invade, knowing this will be good to take precautions and try to organize outings, walks or rest days to brighten your life. It is the day of the starting point, the launching of new projects, and new goals.

Today, misunderstandings, misinterpretations and disagreements can be generated at the labor level. Beware of words you skip, learn to be more grateful, and recognize the virtues of your co-workers. Often we omit a compliment and this causes resentments, short or long. Choose very well, and very carefully your collaborators from now on.

You are not reaching that stage of fullness that you proposed some time ago, you are diverting the path to the problems, try today to begin to see well the steps you are giving, you could realize a mistake you have made.

Do not try to solve what is already broken and can not be rejoined, if you had a break with someone or if a person you were meeting does not want to know more about you for a mistake you made or for any reason you do not understand, Try to fix it more, just turn the page.

It’s time to organize your priorities and solve the problems you face with this way of doing things.

In love, things are good during the day, but it is likely that the criticism will begin to affect them, it is better to remain silent for now.
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