Taurus Today Horoscope Monday 15th May 2017

Taurus Today Horoscope Daily Predictions Monday 15th May 2017

Horoscope of the day

The evils that afflict you will pass quickly, do not disregard the advice of those who are your greatest affections. Find in the affections and in your home a new activity of recreation that can end up being very lucrative. All human works are made up of some fundamental fragments, try to insert those kinds of important and real parts in your daily life. It is time to strengthen ties of friendship, powerful bonds that over time will succeed in making you happy in thoughtful ways. To help, to educate, to advise and to serve, are tasks that must solve today, to solve and to put into practice. It is a good time to travel, you will have the possibility to start romances with people of other nationalities.

Taurus Horoscope for Today

You have in your mind someone very special, but that person is not showing the interest you want, try inviting him to an appointment today, if he says no, then it is better to look the other way, there are many more people in the world.

Always remember to start enjoying more of what you really want to do in your life.

Life begins to become a little routine and this is because you have not really paid attention to the opportunities that are being presented to you.

You should not overlook a very good opportunity that will come to you from someone you love.

It is time to stop thinking about the past and also to stop acting in a hurried way in situations that need your maximum concentration.

Taurus on Monday May 15, 2017

Taurus your sign is in the middle of a stage of transformation of reality in which you find values ​​in people in whom so far you had not noticed. However, it is imperative that you do not confuse emotions with feelings. You’re reviewing many things, both your economy and your personal life, and when you least expect discover that you have much more than you thought. a full cycle of very high economic potential portends, as befits your Taurano sign, because if you needed some money will have precisely the moment that makes you most needed. It promises an end to your very promising, joyful and successful birthday cycle.

The Moon continues to travel by the sign of Capricorn and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde. The questions of love are well sponsored because now you know well what you are looking for and what you want from that person. Do not get too picky, remember that love is expressed in different ways and the art is to find, understand and apply them to your life.

As I have always said, watch your throat because at this stage your sign, which rules precisely the neck, is vulnerable to infections, perhaps because of carelessness or exposure to substances that cause irritation, such as cigarette smoke.

If your work is associated with trading this will be an excellent day and an even better week since you are in a very persuasive and appealing tone that will convince any buyer who should follow your prompts. If you are looking for a job and still have not found it do not give up, continue on your search and you will get it.

Taurus is one of the signs of the zodiac that is characterized by attracting money so do not worry when you have what you need right now as the perspectives that are in your surroundings during these last days of your birthday cycle are exceptional.
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