Taurus Today Horoscope Monday 8th May 2017

Taurus Today Horoscope Predictions Monday 8th May 2017

The ego is concerned to keep you disconnected from the loving presence of your inner self, because your area of ​​interest is centered in the external world, try to dedicate this day to your love relationship, if you have it or try to approach the chosen person. There may be an obstacle in their plans: Laziness, which is partly the comfort that makes us stop and not have the impetus to work for our dreams, always detained in the same place, laziness … Bad habits Can hinder their path to happiness, do not allow so little of their most important obstacle. Remember that a stone on the road is not mountain … unless you are a worm.

Watch your words and do not let an obfuscation put you in compromising situations. You know how to get well out of your problems because you have the charisma to achieve it, Tauran. On the one hand you are looking for company, on the other hand, when you find it, you do not feel well and prefer to be left alone or quiet. This Monday you will put an end to so many instabilities because your love life requires consistency. Give yourself a new life in this cycle of birthdays that you are living and you will see how everything changes favorably towards you.

You do not need to spend all your time thinking about the things you should do, you also need to take care of other parts of your life, you are probably leaving aside some people who have always been for you and you will receive complaints from them on the day of Today, do not let the obligations keep you away from your family or friends.

It is a good time to live an adventure, it could be alone or with an important person at your side, the key is always to be with your eyes wide open and your senses very alert to take advantage of an opportunity to buy tickets or a tour at low cost , Is the possibility to do it today, go and plan your vacations now.

Today someone will tell you something very private, you must keep the secret well, you will not want to be considered a person of little confidence.

The Moon continues to travel through Libra. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. The tenderness and sensitivity of your sign taurano will attract to your side that person who for a long time was absent, or away from you, and now is looking for a reunion that will be shocking for what it entails sentimentally.

If you feel sick that does not improve, check the way your doctor is treating you. If you do not feel satisfied, it is the day of change because today’s vibrations favor happy transformations. There is a positive trend towards a good professional choice.

Do you see how everything you feared has a solution? What was hidden comes out in the public light and the news that is coming to you are better than you expected. If you are looking for a job things start to turn in a highly positive tone for you.

You will have in your hands several items to earn money. Bring a more defined plan of action that allows you to achieve your economic goals without sacrificing your rest time nor the quality you spend sharing with your own. All excesses are harmful.
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