Taurus Today Horoscope Saturday 27 May 2017

Taurus Today Horoscope Predictions Saturday 27 May 2017

Today your finances will be a cause of frustration because you are forced to make some efforts. This makes you tired and therefore you need to be able to count on your loved ones. You get the support you need but a little sentimental disappointment is possible.

The direct influence of your conductor, Venus, is good news for you. A different weekend is approaching which has all the prospects of being very exciting and novel. Plan it from now on so that it does not happen to you like other times, that you get to do things in your house and neglects your expansion. Take advantage of this cosmic influence to enjoy a great sensual night. The energy of the new moon of yesterday still spreads by your sign taurano and tends to create an intense cycle within your love life, something that will transform of positive form any negative situation into something joyful. Live it to the full!

The Moon travels by the sign of Gemini approaching Cancer a day after the new moon of May. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto remain retrograde. There is a kind of internal commotion, a sentimental, Tauran revolution. You will notice a change of attitude both within yourself and in others. What seemed to you confused is clear. It is a good cycle to put an end to certain situations that have been causing suspicion or fear in your love life.

You may feel some symptom or discomfort that you are not used to. Do not let a negative health idea ruin you this Saturday. The situations that hurt most are the emotional ones, do not forget them as they affect your whole body.

This Saturday will require an extra effort to finish on time what you’ve been doing. Fortunately you will. Do not get impatient when something does not figure out the way you have it planned because everything takes its time, and its rhythm. The main thing now is that you are not going to complicate the weekend with backward, or pending activities.

In this stage after your birthday cycle are moving very important resources within your economic reality. Soon you will have in your hands what you need to get ahead and attract prosperity.

The horoscope of the day of the Bull Saturday, May 27, 2017

Your Astrology

Favorable rapprochements become possible today, go beyond appearances, you will be surprised yourself. A lack of some trace elements is felt, monitor your bone system more closely.

Your Day in Stars

You will be able to escape pleasantly today, and find new positive links.

Your attitude is communicative! You can enjoy the pleasures of life in complete freedom. In this sentimental sphere, you tend to repress your strongest desires, doubting your strength to assume them fully. It is certainly the passage of the Moon that works you to the body! No worries, however, because Mercury, always there and on your side, will make you see the good side of things: calm has good!

In a relationship with
Preferring good life and dialogue, you prefer to exchange on a light register with your spouse as if it were your best friend. Mercury does not disapprove of this approach aimed at suspending strong emotions, it will be at his ease. There are no special warnings to be issued.

If you engage in extra-professional, non-sporting activities, this is where Mercury points to opportunities for rapprochement. The star will make you see in one of your fellow students an interesting person and yet too long shunned … You will realize that it shares much of your existential views!

You will be in demand for carnal and passionate pleasures. No need to turn around, go straight to the point.

Your sensual cocktail Today

Sparkling water, 2 scoops of vanilla sorbet, 1 cl of lemon juice, 4 cl of passion fruit syrup

Make the “Yaoo” recipe for the mixer. Mix the passion fruit syrup, lime juice and vanilla ice cream. Stop and pour the sparkling water gently and stir with a spoon. Pour into the glass and prick a candied cherry.

Jostling your inertias, turning you to other opportunities is greatly facilitated today. Do not hesitate to do it, this step towards the outside world!

Asking for news of the progress of some projects will allow you to calm down, even if you still need patience. If you think that you have gone too far, that you have exposed yourself too much, that you have taken too much risk, know that this is only a backlash resulting from the passage of the moon bringing unfounded anxieties. Keep your course.

You will be tempted to help a friend, not a loved one, who is going through a bad financial pass that he owes to his lack of seriousness. No worries for you, but know that this gesture may tense some of your loved ones … Do not argue!
There will be discussions in the friendly circle about one of those members who seems to be spinning a bad cotton lately.

If you avoid, unwittingly, put pressure on your loved ones by a free concern, Mercury will be satisfied.
Of an Olympic form today, you can enjoy this energy to continue waging war against your bad habits.

Born between 21 April and 01 May

Your secret garden is populated by exotic dreams, gourmand cravings and intellectual aspirations. The moon opens your mind, makes you more tolerant and more curious people different from you. This is a great opportunity to connect you to a new kind of person, broaden your horizons.

Born between 02 May and 11 May

It is a good day to make the synthesis between your place in society and your needs for autonomy, freedom or change. The transition also involves transition periods where we must take risks to move forward, accept the necessary changes and adapt.

Born between 12 May and 20 May

You sail today between attitude, gourmet delights and, for some, a few hours of solitude welcome. You need to recharge the batteries before going back into your activities and this break as animated as fraternal is a perfect atmosphere to unpack.

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