Taurus Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th August 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th August 2020

On Monday the 10th, your baggage of wisdom and knowledge will help you, especially if you show all your sympathy. You will show your love to loved ones. On Tuesday your depth in love with close people will allow you to strengthen ties. Use your intuition personally or in matters in common with others.

On the 12th you will need to agree on your professional life and what fills your spirit. Find an activity that helps you live and that you love. Thursday will be a special day to give strength to your feelings and if you act deeply they will understand you better. Your emotions are a bit mixed up and you need to put everything to act innovatively.taurus weekly horoscope 10th to 16th august 2020

On Friday the 14th learn to curb your impulsiveness and do not think that they challenge you. You should stop so as not to intimidate others. You have to have more peace of mind in your relationships, and with others as well; The important thing is to verify what is happening and not interpret it beforehand. And the weekend; On Saturday you will have doubts about your goals and your new projects, and on Sunday you will want to feel your own emotions more intimately, letting your intuition act as a guide.

Chances are you’ll meet new people, new friendships are likely. Original investments will also be relevant and all you have to do is support these changes with maximum goodwill. It is at this price that you will get the best part.

The air of nothing you watch all the actions of the person you love, if it is not jealousy it looks like it. The tension between you is palpable, change your behavior before it clashes. Try to be more flexible to deal with simpler situations. Watch out for the weekend: there is electricity in the air. Be cool.

You are faced with the latent aggressiveness of those around you and you must constantly keep control of your moods if you wish to escape the general retribution. Remember, however, that nothing lasts and that it would be wise to save your resources for later when you are asked to prove yourself, for example!

If Venus thus placed promises captivating and original relationships, it does not necessarily ensure the duration or stability of these relationships. Wisdom comes to you and your relationships are improved. We appreciate your new sense of responsibility and the seriousness that you finally put into your promises and commitments, well done!

Money and Luck
One area of your existence puts you on a cloudy note. You don’t have both feet on the ground! This feeling pushes you to spend all the time! Alas, it is not the great euphoria on the financial side. This week of August 10, it is essential that you find your senses otherwise you will find yourself in a very complicated situation and which, as a bonus, would spoil your brand new happiness.

Why not register for a collective laughter session this week? Indeed, laughing is a fabulous tool to learn to let go of your stress or worries and thus improve your mental strength and your love of life. Your vitality may increase thanks to the beneficial effects of feeling good about yourself. Health is something that demands a global vision of your lifestyle.

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