Taurus Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th December 2018

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th December 2018

The entry of Mars sextile brings you a breath of freedom, makes you more lenient, encourages you to take side roads and see things from another angle. By dialing with others, you are making significant social progress.

By developing original ideas you surprise your superiors. By being more affordable, you can take the role of leader within a team. Beware of keeping the sense of proportion and not wanting to go it alone!taurus weekly horoscope 10 to 16 december 2018

You can overcome many obstacles this week of December 10th by the energy of your will and the expression of your most essential desires. If you are already in a relationship, you will discover new facets in your partner, facets that will give you more space for love games, which will enhance your complicity. The meetings this week are very favored, in a deep perspective and sustainability. These meetings require you to surpass oneself in relation to the past.

Your entrepreneurial spirit is often turned towards large-scale community projects or projects that may be useful to many people. You will find the thirst for business by organizing things in the smallest detail. Regularity is the order of the day, your pragmatism will allow you to concretize projects germinating for five years. New responsibilities will be possible. Accepting them would be a guarantee of success in the long term and will allow you to dispel your doubts.

Money and Luck
You will have to order your expenses with reason and the coldest possible this week. Getting legal information will then help you to really know how to act and in what order to achieve your goals. The influx of Jupiter will create opportunities for financial gains that directly join your creative ability. You will be able to find additional income more easily, your research in this direction is facilitated.

You will tend to neglect your health this week and spend yourself without worrying about the consequences of your energy expenses. Without thinking very far, your need for increased muscle expenditure pushes you to sometimes too brutal efforts. Watch out for false movements, take a step back! The influx of Jupiter push you towards delicacies that certainly compensate for your muscular expenses but may promote water retention.

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