Taurus Weekly Horoscope 12th to 18th April 2021

Taurus (born between April 21 and May 21): On Monday the 12th, your ability, and productive talent will help you plan another way to earn a living. It is clear that technology is going to be crucial, so get to work.

Tuesday the 13th is a good time to use all your life experiences and your knowledge through your studies and readings. You can rely on your energy and your way of expressing yourself. On Wednesday 14th, the most important thing will be to take advantage of your witty and friendly side to cheer up those who live with you. Everything you do must be under the prism of love and affection so that everything happens harmoniously and joyfully.taurus weekly horoscope 12th to 18th april 2021

On Thursday 15th, you will notice that your artistic genius increases and that thanks to it you can feel better emotionally. It is important that your occupations not only distract you, since, also, but they should also play an important role in your communication with others around you. On Friday the 16th your ideas should be directed to this society, which is now different and to which you could help and at the same time obtain resources for yourself.

On Saturday the 17th, you will have a great depth of thought and will also reflect with others about all this. Keep a journal and this will help you see what steps you are taking in your life. And, on Sunday, the 18th, you have to pay attention to your intuition and your subconscious emotions, because they will help you find the right path, and with this, you will achieve greater stability.

The planetary influence is intense and energizing this week, both socially and relational. You feel a need for hindsight and even isolation from the changes that never fail to present themselves. The influence of Neptune gives you an essential impetus to break into your ambitions, monopolize all your courage.

Taurus This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money |12th to 18th April 2021

It is time to surrender to the vertigo of love and the senses. The sky stirs your appetites, awakens your libido, and endows you with irresistible magnetism. Now is the time to turn to the other and open a constructive dialogue. There is no question of going it alone but of listening and mobilizing yourself to develop your emotional relationships.

The generous sky favors your communication and gives you a certain credit with your social partners. Skillful and diplomatic, you play on all fronts and rally all the votes, your open and constructive dialogue is so successful. Take advantage of these trends to enrich your address book for the day you need it.

You are feeling too much pressure this week. This force can backfire if you don’t take the time to listen to your feelings. Be careful not to get too hard on yourself under the guise of getting better. You need to step out of your reserve while allowing yourself to be yourself.

Money and Luck
A week of April 12 at the top! Your fixed income ensures the daily life while your investments here and there increase your savings, your assets are doing extremely well! This success is due to impeccable financial management, combining perfect balance and a sense of calculated risk. Now you can treat yourself to a real estate purchase or a car that made you dream: the king’s choice is yours! Taurus Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Heaven exalts your enthusiasm and prompts you to act quickly and well. You are bursting with energy when it comes to promoting your plans and defending your ideal. Beware, however, of a tendency to force the passage and to believe that you are allowed everything when it comes to serving your ambitions. Also, beware of the stress that threatens you with your family.

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