Taurus Weekly Horoscope 12th to 18th October 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 12th to 18th October 2020

Taurus (born between April 21 and May 21): On Monday the 12th, you need more peace of mind because everything is spinning in your head. It is advisable if you walk through wooded areas. Sometimes you don’t say what you think and it’s good that you do. On Tuesday the 13th, renew your ideas with intellectually superior people. Recover your ingenuity and with the generosity that you show, you will attract, also the same for yourself.

On Wednesday the 14th, you will be able to get along better with others, as long as you avoid susceptibilities. It is for you to learn to be more tolerant. Reinvent romanticism; it will be very important in your life. On Thursday 15, you want to achieve your dreams and for this, you will put in a lot of love and a lot of energy. It will work better if it is beneficial to many people. On Friday the 16th, be careful when talking as sometimes it becomes very intense and deep.taurus weekly horoscope 12th to 18th october 2020

Love is the source of understanding. And sometimes it is better to use non-verbal language, which is not so engaging. On Saturday the 17th, you need to dedicate it to financial matters. Your delivery will help you shape what you project. Everything will be easier if you have faith. Seize the moment. And Sunday will be a pleasant and peaceful day; enjoy it and all the good things it has.

Taurus Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week of October 12, you focus on the human aspect and appreciate the collective projects through which you position yourself in the lead to encourage others, share your enthusiasm, and achieve the goals set. You have the art and the way to get to the point and evolve in a good mood.

Big changes are looming in your sentimental life, you arrive at a crossroads which should allow you a greater expression and a better affirmation of your personality. You question all your affections, to keep those that help you to flourish. You are in search of independence, your nature demands a space of expression. These metamorphoses help you see more clearly.

You put in place long-term strategies that secure your back. Do not miss your chance because all the ingredients are there for you to pack and reap well-deserved laurels. Jealousies are not to be ruled out, we will not let you freely play the game you absolutely want to win.

Jupiter transit encourages benevolent cooperation and offers good abilities to advise, guide, and act in a combative manner. You set up concrete projects but do not think that everything is acquired. Stay disciplined and wise to take advantage of your luck without going overboard or neglecting it.

Money and Luck
To strengthen your financial balance you will have to be cunning to find an infallible strategy. If for the moment your financial situation seems frozen, it is only a matter of time. There are possibilities to successfully get rid of these financial annoyances. Too many credits or too much debt you decide to reduce your budget. Thanks to one person you find an interesting solution. You are almost out of the woods.

You have a hard time escaping the stress that looms over you, you have important decisions to make, perhaps a lifestyle choice to make. It is a situation that you must handle with caution, but also with confidence so that you can enjoy the best and avoid the worst. To go through this week without too much tension, assert yourself without overdoing it!

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