Taurus Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th December 2021

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th December 2021

This week, emotional issues and indecisions of a sentimental nature will far outweigh everything else. So much the better, Taurus, because that way you can put some order in your intimate relationships because, when you think about it, for a few days only confusion has reigned. Be honest, he speaks with his heart in hand and they will thank you. Especially if you take the trouble to choose your words so as not to hurt anyone.

Even one person could turn everything upside down. You will discover that you have fallen madly in love with her. If you are single, you will want to try your luck with it. But if you are already with someone, a flirtation could harm your current relationship. Don’t destroy a solid relationship for an adventure with no future.taurus weekly horoscope 13th to 19th december 2021

You are entering a week in which the work issue will be great for you, a native of Taurus. You will win the favor of bosses and superiors for something that you have been in your hands for a long time and that you already thought was not going to bear any fruit. In the economy, on the other hand, it will be the opposite because an unexpected and unavoidable expense is coming, which can leave you without money precisely now that purchases are coming.

You may have to turn to family or friends for help, but don’t worry because they will be happy to help. In the field of love this week you can find very varied situations. If you have been alone for a long time, you will finally be able to enjoy a lot of the freedom that you now have.

You will avoid tying yourself up in a serious relationship, but you will live life passionately. But if your singleness is because of a breakup, and you are melancholic, you can miss many opportunities. Forget it because this week a person will appear who will catch you.

An ideal romance could brighten up this week in December and produce a decisive, somewhat romantic encounter in your love life. If you are already engaged, you could relive a very pleasant new honeymoon that your couple will come out more in love with than ever before. Live fully these magical moments.

You suppress your urges, you tend to withdraw into yourself. Nothing forces you to do it, it’s time to break this deadlock and look for a way to communicate differently. Refocus on your real priorities, this is the time to boost your goals and involve your partner in your projects.

This week you could be offered responsibilities, results are expected of you but do you feel up to it? Before giving your answer, think about the future consequences that this engages, you are entitled to refuse if you feel that you are not completely comfortable with the project. Make your choice without haste, discuss it with your loved ones, your well-being depends on it.

Neptune takes care of your sentimental life this week and brings to your loves a breath of romantic renewal capable of capsizing you towards marital happiness, let yourself be loved. On the other hand, do not fall into clandestine love affairs, which are fun, of course, but perhaps very dangerous. Neptune boosts your idealism so take advantage of it.

Money and Luck
Your financial situation is doing well! You have settled your worries in this sector and your morale is light, liberated, and even enterprising! This week you will have something to celebrate by investing your energy and perhaps your money in a project that could finally see the light of day and make you proud of yourself. Go meet your banker without worry, a loan application could be granted to you quickly!

A morally chaotic start to the week, you idle, you have no fishing, your loved ones are quick to call you to order. If it’s your loves that affect you, your mood swings take over, you have trouble controlling your emotions, you have to wait until the weekend to calm down. Little by little you will find yourself smiling again.

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Taurus (born between April 21 and May 21): Monday the 13th, is a day in which someone you know will already seem to you as if they were someone from your past or other lives because you will recognize them and You will know how it is without having exchanged more than a few words with her. Today you will like to enjoy the essentials in everything, be it landscapes, activities, or new contacts. You will attach great importance to naturalness.

On Tuesday 14th, you have before you a wide range of possibilities and you will be able to take advantage of, mainly, serenity and responsibility, above all. And also your balance will help you to get deeper into yourself, in the first place. And, later, also in the others. You will feel that your self-esteem increases, and that is the most important thing in these moments.

On Wednesday the 15th, you will feel very motivated and vital, which will help you in all the accomplishments of this day. You are always looking for untrodden paths, but now at this time, you have to ensure the fruits that you are going to obtain and in what way you do it. So weigh the time you invest and the returns you make.

On Thursday 16th, this day you will realize the importance you give to the effort because you have given it your whole life. And now more than ever you are in a moment where you know that dedication and the straight path is the best solution for complicated matters. So analyze everything calmly and come to positive and beneficial conclusions.

On Friday the 17th, you will feel a lot of enthusiasm, desire for freedom, and travel. And, in general, to expand horizons. You will feel a lot of respect for the traditions and the points of view of other people, that at other times you would not have considered it. Your mentality and your way of seeing everything are different and that is beneficial for the way you live life.

On Saturday 18th, you will have great freedom of action, and you love that. In addition, since you do not stitch without thread, you will notice that your responsibility is quite large but what you are going to obtain will be quite beneficial. You will want to start new actions and that your ingenuity is capable of creating. You will feel a lot of fulfillment if you manage to carry out something unique.

And on Sunday the 19th, you will notice that there is an opening in your life and that many aspects of it begin to change. You will feel that everything is much more liberal. And that you feel more independent and that everything starts to work differently. All this will help your mentality feel a very important and useful openness to many new actions.

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