Taurus Weekly Horoscope 14th August to 20th August 2017

Taurus Weekly Predictions Horoscope 14th August to 20th August 2017

The sextile of Neptune gives you assets to advance your projects. Your social life will be particularly affected by this planetary configuration because you will have the will to make relational efforts to secure your projects for the future. Your long-term future remains your major concern.

Your emotional life this week is going to take pleasant turns. You will live situations that will highlight your attractiveness, and meet people who are able to appreciate to your true value what you are capable of giving. If you were in a mixed situation, you will find the necessary assets to establish and understand well your ideals, in the direction of stability.taurus weekly horoscope 14th august week 2017

You will be effective this week at your job. Things go on at great speed, it will not be surprising that you feel overwhelmed. This will be the challenge, compartmentalizing your privacy in relation to your social life. Promising exchanges of alliances are highly favored. You will be able to put forward without exaggeration and especially with a true credibility.

Neptune encourages you to exercise moderation in all your relationships. It is a stability factor that satisfies your security needs. But these trends can also lead you to stagnation, unrealistic fears about change. These fears could slow your progress: a balance must be found!

You will be able to start a project that is important to you this week, which will put an end to a situation that now has nothing more to bring you. Do not try to impose your new designs on your surroundings, set an example and soak in. You will be more receptive to others, protect yourself from the loud speakers, check their sources before signing a commitment.

You will benefit from a rising physical energy rate this week of August 14, in all respects. Suffice to say that you will have the energy necessary to go to the end of your actions and these will not be thin. The influxes of Venus harmonize your emotional flows considerably, so that you get less energetic and leave you free to reason coldly to resolve your worries.

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