Taurus Weekly Horoscope 14th to 20th September 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 14th to 20th September 2020

Taurus (born between April 21 and May 21): On Monday 14, you need to use your cunning and your intuition in economic matters, mainly. They will second your actions by your careful expression.

On the 15th, your agile mind will lead you to make jokes and jokes. But measure your words, as there are sensitive people who do not feel good about your comments. The 16th is a crucial day in your life as you will be able to help those close to you in a compassionate way, which will make you feel more fulfilled and satisfied. On Thursday 17th, your great romance will unite you with your loved ones. It is important that all the people who live together participate to achieve consistent fun and feel more together.taurus weekly horoscope 14th to 20th september 2020

On Friday the 18th, you will imagine and dream about trips that you have made on other occasions and that made you feel freer and with more happiness. Now you can recreate it and imagine it in your mind, and you already know that you can be as real as before. The mind is powerful, and what you think you can materialize. And the weekend; Saturday is a day to focus on family leisure or with close friends and Sunday is a day to organize housework and small repairs or DIY.
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During the next few days, there may be a change of situation for singles. And it is that the native of Taurus will be able to give more quality to their appointments if they are shown as they are, without being self-conscious. Don’t make an effort to please, the more authentic you are, the more irresistible you will seem.

Burn that mask that disguises you as a normal person, breaks the rules. Power all those things that make you a unique individual: your peculiarities are your best weapons to fall in love with. Trust yourself and you will achieve what you set out to do.

When we talk about bulls that have passed through the altar, the interests will focus on the comfort of the family. And as a consequence, you could neglect your married life. Check this before paying a high price.

In business matters, you will innately develop a strong magnetism that will reach its highest quotas by the middle of the week. Your professional relationships will enjoy good planetary influences that will allow you to improve your situation.

You will notice that intuition is with you and that you are also blessed with a good dose of luck. Of course: do not be naive, because there will be people willing to deceive you to keep your money or your ideas.

The week will be especially interesting for professionals in the world of health, both physical and mental. Who is unemployed should move more, the labor market is at an interesting time for your sign.

There are good prospects on the health side for Taurus natives. Of course, do not believe yourself the king of the mambo, because if you do risky activities you could seriously regret the consequences.

Living outdoors, being in contact with nature and areas away from smoke, and light pollution will be very beneficial for you. With the pure air filling your lungs your mind will clear and you will find a solution to some of your problems.

If you have had vision problems in recent times, consider visiting your eye doctor, it may be that the prescription of your glasses has varied.

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