Taurus Weekly Horoscope 16th July to 22nd July 2018

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 16th July to 22nd July 2018

You take things in hand while you should let go. If you want your loves to go through this period without hindrance, take into account all the parameters, setbacks will annoy you yet, they are only passengers. So be lenient and patient.

You are faced with limits that divert the positive results of your initiatives. Instead of stubbornly addressing the difficulties, change the way you do things. For now, change is not welcome. If you want your love to remain calm, tame time because, fundamentally, he is your best ally.taurus weekly horoscope 16 july to 22 july 2018

The planetary aspects of this week of July 16 will not be discreet. You will go through strong emotions, more contrasted. You will need to recognize with clarity what needs to be challenged, and keep what truly corresponds to your deepest needs. You will be confronted with the needs of affirmation of your personality never experienced before while preserving the balance of your current relations. You will better put forward your arguments, you will see more clearly your sentimental expectations.

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Your serenity is combined with your firmness of direction, in your professional life. You better control external events and relational turmoil to turn them to your advantage. Your tactics will be a shock asset to advance your goals. The end of days will not be a luxury to relax. The aspects of Venus and Mercury will generate favorable circumstances for the recognition of your talents.

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You will have more power of diplomacy than usual, it is for you the moment to show your determination, your good will. Teamwork is necessary and moreover, will not be tedious. The contacts with your collaborators will be more serene, you will see them more conciliatory with you. The impulses of Jupiter rightly push you to review a work already done, an error is to rectify.

The simple fact of letting your dreams run in your mind will allow you to reconcile yourself with your best source of energy: The thirst for life. This will positively affect your metabolism towards the path of balance. The effects of Uranus positively mobilize your muscular endurance, but you will not be pushed to use it. Listen to this inspiration and take advantage of it to reload yourself psychically.