Taurus Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd December 2019

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd December 2019

With Jupiter as a friendly sign, it is a beautiful week where you can secure your possessions and your convictions instability, duration, and security.

You are in control of your talents and you meet opportunities to showcase them, personal success is likely. You are aiming higher or further than ordinary and you are right!taurus weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd december 2019

Your love life seems more blurred to you, your usual reasoning is no longer enough to feel you are in control of events. It is essential to let go to gradually find new benchmarks. A little more tolerance would also be welcome, which does not mean that you have to deny your values.

Don’t hesitate to think big! Your potential is no longer limited, your professional skills make you a respected and consulted person. Bravo, your way of working valiantly and without ever trying to shirk your responsibilities, offers you the consideration that you did not expect, that you no longer hope but that you deserve. Within the professional sphere loyalty also prevails, you are living proof of this!

You strengthen the bases of your life by getting closer to the reality that you had neglected. Increased optimism, increasing creativity, more accessible leisure activities, this is the general atmosphere of this week that boosts your self-confidence. Don’t shy away from the responsibilities you have.

Money and Luck
Your financial situation is changing this week from December 16, you are done with the difficulties and delays, even if it is not yet the great financial ease, you can start to make plans on the comet. If you had left projects aside, you start to think about them again. While being careful not to go over your budget, you could set up a trip.

Since when have you not had a health check-up? It might be advisable to plan one this week, your whole body and your mind send you messages of fatigue and low morale. Your vitality is weak, do you get enough sleep? Take a course of vitamins, vegetables, fruits, your body screams tired or even exhausted. Have you thought about planning a few days just for yourself?

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