Taurus Weekly Horoscope 1st October to 7th October 2018

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 1st October to 7th October 2018

Jupiter’s opposition is often experienced as the impossibility of linking two notions. This transit makes you aware of the mismatch between your desires and reality. You’re out of luck, the attention or power you are given is not up to your merits. You accuse the whole world of being unfair whereas it is you who miss rigor.

Post important decisions because your optimism can lead you to error and you may also be deceived or betrayed for lack of judgment. Your bad faith and your whims may affect your diet, push you to excess and cause nausea, weight gain or liver problems.

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More inner calm leads you to better identify the needs and expectations of your partner, and thus to harmonize with yours this week. It is also by letting go on certain dependencies that you will put other assets on your side. Your sentimental life is densified in terms of activity, ideas are fused and are eminently fruitful, to live more intense links, more passionate. Rest regularly, to recharge your batteries!

You will discover possibilities of evolution in situations of struggle, this week of October 1st. In yourself, you will have a renewed optimism that makes you more combative. You will move forward with both outer and inner evolution. As a result, you will be more receptive to the adaptation efforts of your employees. The impulses of Venus and Uranus combined positively develop your creativity, do not disdain nascent projects.

Money and Luck
Luck comes on details that will smooth your way to the successes you have been hoping for financially. Your imagination will be very useful and will be your best partner to help you navigate the daily obstacles that directly affect cash in the short term. Your optimism protects you from worries related to omissions in your papers. You will take the best initiatives to rebalance your budget.

This week will unfold in two stages form level. From Monday to Thursday, everything is going very well, your vitality will be fully at the rendezvous and will follow without bending the tempo of your activities. However, from Thursday, you will tend to see the dark side rather than the good aspects of each situation, which suggests a loss of brain energy. The impulses of Mercury associated with those of the Moon agitate you more and not necessarily usefully. Raise your foot at the end of the week and look for relaxation.