Taurus Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

This week of March 1, your popularity is on the rise thanks to the influences of Uranus. You could even, very easily, refocus on your projects, talk about them and develop your arguments. It’s a great week to move forward as you see fit and create events in your favor. Simply be a little more daring!

You radiate happiness, you bite into the week to the fullest, the good weather shines on your loves. Everything is simple, the surges of tenderness multiply, you are at the dawn of an astonishing change. All the positive signs are there, your relationships are fluid, meetings are very easy, you reveal yourself as you really are. Emotionally you reach the seventh heaven.taurus weekly horoscope 1st to 7th march 2021

The dual influence of Mars and Venus makes you both overwhelmed with love and fiercely possessive. You don’t want to share your partner with anyone, which is why you are building an inaccessible fortress around him. Beware of this in-the camera which could end up weighing heavily on your shoulders. Learn to trust and open the doors to your home. It will be more fulfilling for everyone. Single, you must learn to arouse desire by making yourself rarer.

Dynamic and courageous, you do not fear daring which should receive a warm welcome from your co-workers, delighted to have a true leader in their team. The sky invites you to try other experiments: if you want an increase, it is undoubtedly the moment to advance your pawns.

Even if you are not in an easy situation, changes become possible if you follow a magnificent intuition induced by Uranus in conjunction. This aspect should maintain your optimism and energize your desires. Simply listen to your inspirations and focus on doing things to achieve your projects.

Money and Luck
On the financial side, it’s the week of good news, your situation is changing, you can look forward to it! Doubts no longer have their place, it is a grandiose period. Before the end of the week, a new opportunity presents itself to you, you won’t have to think for long before seeing an incredible opportunity to grow your income over the long term without putting in a lot of effort. Taurus Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You like beautiful things, but they come at a price. The irresistible desire to offer yourself a beautiful watch? Urgent need to buy yourself the latest trendy jeans? Heavily influenced by the planet Venus, you will want to splurge on your spending. Be careful, your bank card may heat up! However, you will not necessarily have the budget to allow you to spend lavishly. To fulfill your desires without being in the red, opt for moderation when possible.

Family and Friends
You will release all the tensions of the day to your family circle. Your House VII will enhance the flavor of your tête-à-tête with your partner if you live as a couple. If you are a parent, you will feel the need to improve your education by transmitting more your values and your knowledge. With friends, you will be attentive and available to advise them. You will leave room for authenticity and naturalness. In short, you will see life on the bright side!

You can happily count on the support of heaven to exalt your influence, support your morale and energize your organization. Enthusiastic, you can fearlessly spend your energy without counting on showing off, expressing yourself, and defending your interests. Take care, however, not to overdo it so as not to burn all your reserves all at once.

On the health side, this week is a source of some apprehension for you, perhaps at the idea of approaching medical examinations? When in doubt, you imagine the worst and it seems to take up all the space in your mind. Don’t worry, evils that we do not know always seem more threatening than what we know! Fortunately, thanks to the influence of Saturn, the chances of positive results will be great. So do not postpone any exams!

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