Taurus Weekly Horoscope 20 to 26 March 2017

Weekly Taurus Horoscope 20 to 26 March 2017

Taurus Work 20 to 26 March 2017: It is not a good day to acquire ostentatious articles, nor to think even in them. Do not wander through shops, today try to enjoy nature and friendship and love, dedicate your free time to important things that are not achieved with money. Likewise, business will be stagnant, suspended, do not try to activate them but to spend this time as a prophetic impasse to grow in time. Dream with total freedom do not get confused, trace your life according to the new values ​​that have long been considered inside. The stars are on his side.

Starting today you must measure your words in the workplace, can provoke conflicts and taurus zodiac 2017 between peers and friends. The stars in House of Pisces attempt against their power of diplomacy and calm. Try to relax or take a few days, this can be more profitable for your business and stay and ruin internal relationships. The Sun generates great power in you, will dazzle others and many will envy. Try to master your joy and do not transmit this poor message to the Universe … on a sunny day you can learn to harness its power to provide more to others, to get on and to withstand cloudy days. The Moon in kindness compensates for its overflow. Try not to fall off at dusk, remember that the sun is always there.

Taurus Love 20 to 26 March 2017: All natives who are alone have the possibility of getting a couple during this week, especially on the eve of meetings and parties. Great creative moment, take your time in developing this gift. This quality of life has to do with the art of being happy, the art of finding the way, and the greatness of being happy with what you have, without looking at what others have. Innocent questions to regain the power to change and return to the Land of the Present, achieve the vision that may have lost in the path of automatism: In what corner of my childhood I forgot my daily laughter? A new friend joins the usual group. I meet someone from the past.

Lovers will enjoy excellent communication throughout the week, take this time to talk about important things and make clear the relationship as you want but with adult criteria. If he acts at will as childlike and capricious, his love will disappoint soon, master the impulses of his zodiacal sign and follow the Universal Laws to achieve all goals. Madure, today has the unique congruence in the year of growing up with a fulfilling experience … You are very capable of sharing and empowering love, allow yourself to prove it with facts and build a family, a love, a real and solid couple.

Taurus Health 20 to 26 March 2017: Try to do some outdoor sports, or plan a vacation or departure to some natural and green place. Discover and enjoy your daring side, unleash your creative personality. Dare more every day on all planes. Reframe your attitudes on the love plane, a little fun does not come at all bad. To create for yourself a suitable daily, familiar and affective environment, as you want it to be, and to surround yourself with the people and possessions that make you happy, will give you the perfect framework for mental and spiritual power to flourish To new ideas that can achieve success, health and abundance.

Young people who find themselves very lonely, will be able to relate to companies that are not very respectable or honest, with which they will share moments where there will be excesses of alcohol and drugs. Take care of your health … and with the emotional consequences. Do not damage your body by passing and depressing feelings in the long run. Nature calls for a more energetic and vital life, eating what corresponds with controlled schedules and going out to the forest to breathe pure air … Note that the most precious thing that has is his body, thanks to him get to work and love. Do not neglect the calls of your health. A fuller future awaits from healthy change.

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